Ways to Renovate Your Home in 2020

Ways to Renovate Your Home in 2020

New year, new me! This could also apply to your home since it’s never too late to upgrade it a bit and improve both its look and its functionality. Chances are you already have a long to-do list you never got around to get done, so why not make 2020 the year where your home finally gets what it deserves? If you don’t know where to start, here are a few pointers that will hopefully help.

Forget about clutter

No matter how organized we’re trying to be, more often than not, we still end up cluttering our homes with unnecessary stuff. Clutter not only makes our space unattractive but it also creates mental clutter and increases our stress levels. It is not a coincidence that they say that a clean room is important for your health. So, what you need to start the year with is getting rid of the things you no longer need and organizing the rest. Tackle those dreaded drawers and closets that you haven’t even opened in years. You’ll free up so much space to put away the things you actually need, making your interior cleaner and more organized. If it’s still not enough, add some extra shelving that will not take up floor space.

Use different vases

Using different vases will make the decoration more interesting. Just as no plant is similar to another and has its own shape and appearance, vases can also be selected to suit their plants and they do not need to be used uniformly. Try to put vases of different sizes and colors in different parts of your house.

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Expand your living space

Adding square footage to the available living space you have does not have to involve expensive renovation projects and knocking down walls. If you live in a warm climate where you can enjoy the outdoors for the majority of the year, think about adding a patio to your home. With the right setup, this can function as an extension of your living room and it will become everyone’s favorite hangout spot during sunny days. It will also boost the look of your yard as well as the value of your home, so this practical renovation project is a great investment from all possible aspects.

Freshen up your floors

Some of the largest surfaces in your interior are your floors, so if you want a renovation project that will affect the look of your space drastically, look below your feet. If you have hardwood floors, cleaning and waxing them is a great start. If you have carpets and changing them would be a bit too expensive for your budget, you can still do a lot. For instance, look up carpet cleaning tips and get rid of stains that ruin the look of your room. You can also turn to professional carpet cleaning to freshen up the whole space. If your space feels a bit boring, buy one or two rugs to bring in some interest and some extra coziness.

Think about energy efficiency

2020 is also the year we should all start seriously thinking in a green way. While it is not possible for everyone to switch to clean energy in a blink of an eye, what’s important is that we are all taking the steps that are available to us. So, start by switching to LED bulbs instead of using incandescent ones. When you need to buy new appliances, make sure you go for Energy Star rated ones. Improving the insulation of your home by caulking door and window frames and getting a smart thermostat will do wonders for your heating and cooling bills. For those who are willing to invest in this aspect of their home, the sky is the limit. Think green roofs, sun tunnels, solar panels and so on.

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Open up the space

Finally, a bit larger project but one that you will not regret doing is implementing an open plan in your living space. It is 2020; today, large, airy spaces where the whole family can spend time together even when everyone is doing their own thing are finally recognized as superior. For this project, first, you’ll need to consult an expert who will determine whether knocking down walls is safe and possible in your case. However, once you’ve removed the boundaries, rearranging the room will be a fun project.

Hopefully, the aforementioned ideas have inspired you to upgrade your living space this year. Good luck!



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