What Jewelry You Can Expect to Get on Valentine’s Day Based on Your Relationship Length

What Jewelry You Can Expect to Get on Valentine’s Day Based on Your Relationship Length

This is a tricky one. Of course, some partners will stray away from what is expected of them, with some blowing their budget on a blingtastic bracelet or gemstone ring that would put Beyoncé’s engagement ring to shame, whereas others will scrimp and save to their heart’s content.

Hopefully, yours fall into the former category.

All this being said, there are guidelines that can direct your partner towards what type of jewelry they are expected to buy you this Valentine’s Day depending on the length of your relationship.

Of course, if you have been with someone for 10 years, you would anticipate something a little more special than someone who in a relationship for only a matter of months. You would think that at least!

Anyway, let’s check out what you can expect come February 14th depending on how long you have been with your current partner. Remember, this is just a guide.

Under 6 months

The first flushes of love and your first Valentine’s Day together. You should be very much still in the honeymoon stage of your relationship and the gift you receive may very well reflect this. However, try not to expect anything too expensive as it should be a case of the thought that counts for this stage of your relationship.

A new pendant if you regularly wear a chain is a good idea, perhaps with a personalized meaning or connotation. A pair of pretty stud or drop earrings is also an option.

One year

A significant milestone in your relationship, once you have been together a full year, you can expect a piece of jewellery for Valentines day that reflects the love and commitment that you have for each other.

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Opt for a piece of jewelry that depicts the heart symbol, whether that be a pair of silver earrings, a pendant or a simple ring. Another good option is a heart-shaped locket in which you can enclose a picture of you and your partner together.

What could be any more romantic than that?

Three to five years

It is often around this time that partners can get complacent and think that they do not have to make an effort. You have been together a while now, but not an especially significant amount of time such as ten years, so many often do not feel the need to go all out.

That being said, a nice choice for couples who have been together a good solid 3-5 years when a good family has been established, is a necklace with a gemstone pendant, maybe even their birthstone. This is a gift that shows you care and that you love the person just the way they are.

10 years

It’s getting exciting now. If you have made it to ten years with your partner, then firstly congratulations! Secondly, you can expect some pretty fine jewelry to be heading your way.

Diamonds are the obvious choice, whether that be with a diamond eternity ring (if you are lucky!), a diamond-encrusted bracelet or diamond necklace.

Just remember to look surprised when you receive it!

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