4 Stunning Home Features

4 Stunning Home Features

Home is what you make of it and yours houses everything that represents who you are. Would you like to add some flare to your home or add something new to the picture? Maybe you need some home improvements. Here are some stunning feature pieces that you can add to the house.

Stained-glass windows

This feature is not just reserved for chapels and churches – a stained-glass window can look incredible at home, too. It will add some colours to the living space and often casts a pleasant, delicate light into the home. You can incorporate stained-glass in several places, for example in can be used for the glass panels on your front door or in the surrounding door frame, adding a quaint, vintage feel to the entrance way. Alternatively, if you have an open stairwell with a large window running down it, replacing the plain pane with stained-glass could make a bold, dramatic statement. Whichever way you choose, adding some of these windows can result in a beautiful home feature.


Fireplaces create a wonderful warm, cosy atmosphere to the home on miserable, wintery nights. Traditional fireplaces tend to have mantelpieces surrounding them which add a decorative touch and are useful for placing vases, photographs and other trinkets. Modern homes tend to have more sleek looking fires in place, some are electric or gas-powered so don’t require you to purchase wood or charcoal. If you live in a modern building and don’t have a fireplace but would like one, balanced flue gas fires could be an option for you. They don’t require a chimney which means they can be installed anywhere, so it is possible for you to add this wonderful feature to your home.

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These spaces are fabulous additions to your home, particularly in the summertime. They are called ‘sun’ rooms for a reason, and are best enjoyed when the weather outside is beaming and pleasant, although if you have decent insulation and heating, they are usable in the colder months, too. A lovely spot to enjoy your meals at any time on bright days, or sit and have a cocktail with your friend on a warm evening. Better yet, feel snug and warm as you sit with a coffee and listen to the rain outside on a grey-skied afternoon.

Dramatic staircases

It might sound odd, but having a feature staircase in your home can add some serious wow-factor to the place. They don’t have to be grandiose, marble-stepped affairs – like you’d imagine seeing in some Beverly Hills mansion – to take your breath away. There are some really unique, modern designs that can bring something new to your home. Or if you want to bring a piece of nature into the house, why not have something like these?

Whether you add one, two or all of these features to your home, they will surely add some wow-factor to impress your guests. You’ll be surprised at the improvements you can make, with a little imagination!

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