6 Expo Tips that Lead to More Customers

6 Expo Tips that Lead to More Customers

Expos are about two things – showcasing your new products and drawing in new customers. With that being said, however, expos host hundreds of brands, and you’ll be but a drop in a wide sea. What you need is to stand out.

But, how will you do that? How do you make sure the expo attendees visit your booth and then actually become your customers? Well, in this little article, you’ll find 6 excellent ideas on how to get exposure, as well as how to engage with visitors and convert them to customers. Let’s check them out.

Promote Yourself and Do It Now

Starting a promotion as soon as you can is one of the best things you can do for your brand when it comes to exposure. Many businesses promote themselves only a month or two before an expo starts, but, by at that point, they’ve lost precious time. The best of the best know that to market your business effectively at trade shows, you need to start promoting your attendance almost as soon as one show ends. They post banners and ads on their websites and start sending out emails and reminders to their customers and all those that might be interested.

With that being said, you can always count on the press to give you the exposure you need. If you’ve got a new product coming, then you can bet the trade press will be interested in what you’ve got to offer. Use this momentum to ensure more people are interested in what you have to offer, and you’re sure to have a successful show.visit here

Put Your Best Team Forward

You can have great exposure and a booth that’s a work of art, but the most important thing is having a great team to man the stations. These people are the ones that will be interacting with the visitors, and it is their involvement that’s going to make or break your show.

Having said that, it’s best to have your sales team man the booth. After all, this is what they do best, and they’ll know how to handle the visitors and how to pique their interest in your product. In addition, it’s also a good idea to bring in an expert that can showcase and give detailed information to your visitors.

Engage the Visitors

The best way to engage the visitors and have them walk over to your showcase is to have an eye-catching booth. The most successful brands use a variety of catchy event display tools, ranging from simple banners, signs and brochures, to interactive displays and even AR and VR technology to showcase their product.

The other way to engage the visitors rests on your team. Position your people in a way they’ll be noticed by passers-by, and make sure they’re prepared to greet the visitors and invite them in. However, train your people not to be pushy, as visitors are more likely to give you a random excuse and move on.

Finally, think vertically. If you think about it, your booth is one of many, and it might be hard to stand out. Talk to the organisers and see how far up can you build. If you’re using banners or signs, placing them above the rest of the booths will ensure at least a portion of the visitors will spot you and might even come over to check you out.

Engage Social Media

Social media marketing is hugely influential in the modern world. Social media platforms are the perfect places for promoting your brand and products, creating a community around it and keeping in touch with your customers.

Though many people tend to click that “Going” button on Facebook, not many actually go to the event. However, you can expect some of them to turn up, and, if you send frequent reminders to those who said they’ll be coming, you might even change a few minds and they might even come directly to you.

Create a Contest/Game

Think about it this way – you’re one of the many brands and businesses in the show. They’ve all got booths, they’ve all got banners and signs and people greeting the visitors. They all know what you know. So, how do you make sure a visit to your booth remains memorable? Easy – create a contest/game!

There are many trade show game ideas in circulation, but they all have one goal –they will make the attendees hang out around your booth for longer, but they’ll probably remember you once they head home. Not only that, but they’ll remember you fondly if there is a prize at the end of the contest, and some of them might end up becoming your customers in the future.

Call to Action

The final step in your mission to convert visitors to customers is to create a Call to Action. Follow up on your visitors after the show by sending a mail or giving them a call. However, remember to make the CTA more personal. The attendees are likely to visit multiple booths and see a number of showcases. Many brands make the mistake of sending out a blanket email, which can be quite bland and easily forgotten. Having said that, if you talk to your visitor directly, and in combination with the techniques we listed above, they’re more likely to remember you and actually respond to your call to action, becoming your customer in the process.


And, with that bit about the Call to Action, we’ll wrap out our little guide on how to convert your visitors to customers. There are always more tricks you can learn to improve your chances, but the ones we’ve listed are the most effective. Just remember that any expo is a big place and that you’ll be pitted against dozens of other brands, so the more memorable the experience you create, the more likely you are to be approached again. And, finally, remember – expos are all about showcasing your product and having a little bit of fun while at it!

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