What Are The Pros And Cons Of Juicing?

What Are The Pros And Cons Of Juicing?

Juicing makes fruit consumption easier. At least, you are making the juice into complete liquid and you get to consume it more easily than before. While this is great and there are many benefits, just as you are thinking about it, you should be asking, what are the cons of juicing?

First, you should be familiar with all the benefits before seeing the cons. That way, you can weigh your choices and see what you are getting into.

Nowadays, there are many shops where you can get a smoothie. This shouldn’t be considered juice because that thing is made from blended fruit and not juicing. Perhaps it will get clearer by explaining the difference between blending and juicing.

Blending is the process of making fruit into a liquid form by pouring the whole fruits into a machine. The blended therefore contains all there is in fruit. This includes fiber, pulp, and juice.

Juicing on the hand is the extraction of the juice contents from fruits. The vegetables or fruits to be extracted will be taken to a machine to bring out the juice contents in an effort to consume just the juice inside.

The Benefits Of Juicing

  • You Get The Essential Nutrients Without The Fiber


After juicing, you are left with the liquid is a very rich component of the fruit, the juice. This is the most important reason people consider juicing without thinking too much about the cons. In liquid form, the cup of juice contains an essential amount of nutrients that are in whole fruits. To be specific, you are consuming most of the minerals, vitamins and plant chemicals that are inside the whole fruit.

  • You Have An Alternative Form Of Refreshment
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When you think about someone having refreshments, what comes to your mind? You might think of a man sitting on a porch, looking out into the shore. He is wearing a white shirt, but the button is loose. The sun is shining, so he wears a hat. And yes, there is a cup of juice in his hand.

Juicing gives you another option for refreshment. You can just sit and have a drink of juice. Never forget that you can consume fruits too, but generally many people prefer juice as the best alternative. Well, it is healthy, can serve as a snack or depending, it can come before the real meal.

  • It Encourages More Consumption Of Fruits And Veggies In A Day

It is a fact that many people aren’t consuming the right amount of fruits in a day. But when it comes to juice, it is easier and you might even consume more amounts in a day. It is such an encouragement to drink more.

The Cons

It is time to consider your decision to juice fruits. Really, what are the cons of juicing?

  • You Can Upset The Level Of Sugar In Your Body

Usually, juice contains an amount of sugar. You don’t notice this in fruit because you are consuming the juice, the fiber, and the pulp all together. Specifically, fiber helps to slow down your digestion, a process that helps in managing the amount of blood sugar. This is especially characteristic of soluble fibers which you can find in carrots, apples, pears, citrus and green beans. (Insoluble fiber, on the other hand, adds to the bulk of the stool in your body, stimulating your intestines to become active.)

  • It Can Be Expensive
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If not expensive, it can be time-consuming. Juicing involves the use of a machine to extract the juice content. So it usually costs money to acquire the machine. Also, the process just begins after you have your fruit. You have to wait for some time before you have the juice.

If you are consuming an amount of fruit per gram, you will need more fruit to get that amount of juice. To make that clear, you will need more fruit to get the amount of juice in the same cup of blended fruits. In order words, you do more work and spend more to get less stuff.

  • High-calorie Count

If your juice is made from fruit, there is that tendency to consume more and in the process have a high-calorie count.

Generally, it is good to ask “what are the pros and cons of juicing?” Before you set out to juice your fruit, you will know what you are getting into.


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