Looking for a Home Care Provider in Long Island, New York? Here Are Key Things You Should Know

Looking for a Home Care Provider in Long Island, New York? Here Are Key Things You Should Know

Long Island, New York is an island that stays true to its name, considering that it stretches from the New York Harbor to the eastern portion of the Atlantic Ocean. The town serves as a refuge for urban dwellers who long for a beautiful sunset and pristine beaches.

Long Island is in close proximity to all the exciting things offered by the Big Apple, while at the same time, it is far enough to experience solitude and relaxation. Given the opportunity to enjoy the best of both worlds, it’s not surprising how millions of people choose to live on this incredible island.

If you have aging parents who live here, you can be assured that their environment is conducive to their age. Imagine warm weather, fresh air, and friendly people. Unfortunately, there are times when they need a full-time caregiver to live with them and assist them in their daily lives. If you’re looking for senior home care in Long Island, below are the essential things you should know:

Benefits of Senior Home Care Over Assisted Living

There are mainly two types of senior care – home care and assisted living. The former offers elderly care in the senior’s home, while the latter requires the aging person to shift to an assisted living facility where he or she can receive care and attention.

While both have their pros and cons, home care offers the following advantages that cannot be found in assisted living:

Sense of Independence

Older people tend to struggle in maintaining a sense of independence, especially if they realize that they can no longer do most of their normal daily activities without assistance. This issue can be aggravated if they leave home and reside in an unfamiliar place as they lose their sense of identity. With home care, your aging parents can continue to grow old in their own homes and maintain their sense of independence.


Living in an assisted facility will require serious adjustment, mainly if your parents are living in the same home practically all their lives. They can suffer from depression, frustration, or loneliness if they are forced to move out. When you choose home care, they only need to develop their relationship with their caregiver since they are already familiar with their environment.

Feeling of Control

Aging people often feel insecure since they no longer have the same influence and ability when they are younger. Moving them to an assisted living facility will only worsen the feeling, considering that they will be living in a place where somebody else is in charge. With home care, your parents can maintain their sense of control since the caregiver is the “visitor,” while they are still the “masters” of the house.

Pointers to Consider When Looking for a Home Care Provider

There are plenty of home care providers in Long Island, but not all of them offer quality service. To find the right agency, consider the following reminders:

  • Make sure that the home care provider has valid licenses and is recommended by reputable organizations devoted to the elderly.
  • Make sure that the agency offers senior care services that meet your needs.
  • Do not forget to verify the types of services provided by contacting former and existing clients to get information about their experience with the agency.
  • Remember to conduct a face-to-face interview with potential caregivers.

Finding trustworthy home care in Long Island is crucial to ensure your aging parents’ overall wellbeing. As such, take the time to screen the caregivers that you’re eyeing on and to weigh all available options to secure the best care possible.

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