Tips For Faster Healing After Rhinoplasty

Tips For Faster Healing After Rhinoplasty

Getting a rhinoplasty is a great way to get a better profile and increase self-confidence. It can also help you breathe easier. However, it is a serious surgery, and there will be a substantial recovery period. You want to do everything you can to make the recovery process as quick as possible. The sooner you’re healed, the sooner you’ll be able to showcase your new nose and get back to work like normal. Here are some tips for faster healing after rhinoplasty.

What You Can Do

Take It Easy: We all have busy lives. It’s important to set time after your surgery to heal. That means you’ll need help at work and watching the kids. You won’t be able to be on the go for at least a week after your nose job. During the recovery process, you’ll probably still have a splint and/or bandage on your nose during this time. Staying home will help you avoid unwanted questions.

Bathe Instead of Shower: This is an easy adjustment compared to some of the others. Since you don’t want to get your bandages wet in the first week of recovery, you should get used to taking baths instead of taking showers. Your bandages won’t get wet and fall off this way. You should also be careful when washing your face, too.

Using Ice Packs: After your nose job, your nose will be bruised and swollen. To help reduce swelling, you should have plenty of ice packs handy. You will keep them on your nose for a majority of the time.

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Keep Your Head Elevated: To minimize swelling, you want to keep your head elevated. This can be difficult immediately after surgery when all you want to do is lay down and recover. To help stay comfortable while also keeping your head elevated, add a couple of extra pillows. You should also sit up as much as possible when you aren’t tired.

Button-Ups: Stock up on plenty of button-up shirts. You don’t want to pull a shirt over your head and end up hurting your nose. Plan your surgery around important events so that you don’t have to worry about slipping a tight dress over your head.

What To Avoid

Constipation: Our bodies are connected in some of the funniest ways. While healing from surgery, you need to make sure to avoid constipation. Constipation causes you to strain. The strain while pushing in the bathroom can put a strain on the nose. Eat food with plenty of fiber in them. You should also keep some medication with you in case you get constipated anyway.

Extreme Facial Expressions: When you move your face, it will inevitably move your nose as well. While healing, you don’t want to move your face as often as others since you don’t want to move your nose. Avoid outbursts of laughing and smiling. It may feel good at the moment, but it can cause pain or even slow the recovery process.

Aspirin: During the recovery process, you don’t want to use Aspirin to relieve the pain. Aspirin will thin the blood. The blood in your nose needs to be able to clot. Unfortunately, blood thinners could prevent this from happening. Avoid all pain killers that could thin out the blood.

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Blowing Your Nose: When you have to blow your nose, you generally don’t think twice about it. You grab a tissue and blow. For at least two weeks after your surgery, this is a no-no. Avoid blowing your nose to the best of your ability. This can lead to some gross, awkward moments, but your new nose will remain intact.

Be Careful

The worst thing you can do after rhinoplasty is getting hit in the nose. You need to be careful not to damage the work that was just done. Avoid high impact sports and anything where balls might hit your face. You should avoid glasses and be especially careful when applying makeup. You should also be careful in general. Don’t trip and fall and hit your face. This may be more difficult for people known to be a klutz. Avoid liquor to minimize the likelihood of getting hurt. If you do have an accident, you may have to pay for another surgery.

Talk To Your Doctor When You Notice a Problem

When you experience a problem, you need to tell your doctor at the next appropriate moment. Excessive bleeding, excessive pain, swelling and bruising that won’t go away, and unsatisfactory results are all cause to reach out to your doctor.

A nose job with Dr. Becker in NJ can be the thing that takes your confidence and your life to the next level. In some situations, it can also help you breathe better. No one has time for a lengthy recovery, so follow these tips to get back to life again.

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