5 Ideas To Plan Your Parents’ 25th Wedding Anniversary Party

5 Ideas To Plan Your Parents’ 25th Wedding Anniversary Party

Love is a celebration on its own. It doesn’t need a special day to make you feel overwhelmed. Little gestures of life, kind words of care go a long way to make even the most mundane day beautiful.

However, wedding anniversary is a huge milestone. It depicts an entire journey of love, with all its highs and lows lived by while holding hands and not giving up on each other. And who could be a better example than your parents who have walked miles together. And now, when their silver jubilee is round the corner, everything should be nothing less than the best. It’s time to plan a celebration and let them know how special their love is. If you are seeking ways to plan their 25th wedding anniversary, below are 5 ideas to help you leave no stone unturned in making the day super special for them. Take the guide:

Create A Short Video Montage Of Their Journey

It might seem like too much of a task but making a movie of all the pictures and videos you have of your parents is not that difficult as there are plenty of apps and desktop editors to help you with the same. Plus, it is a great way to touch their heart by bringing an entire journey of their milestone, all the highs and lows and important highlights in front of their eyes. You can make it sentimental with the right captions and words. However, some instances might be better with a poetic touch.

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Record Wishes From Relatives

Not all dear ones and acquaintances will be able to make it to the celebration. You can still have them wish your parents in the most heartwarming way with the help of a video shoot. The more people you cover, the better it is. Some lesser known anecdotes will definitely bring humour to the party. You can connect to long lost friends from schools and colleges of your parents as this will be an amazing way to relive the old times by reconnecting with friends from the past.

Plan A Karaoke Event

The best way to do it is to dig out the favourite song of your parents or special songs your parents have memories with. This is an amazing way to have everyone in the party feel involved as they take turns to hit the chords. You can also come up with prizes to make it fun like Best Singing, Worst Singing and so forth. Make sure you keep the booze flowing as there might not be too many participants to make a start. Booze will lighten the karaoke event.

Do Not Complicate The Menu

The party is about embracing the fun and keeping everyone (including yourself) at ease. So, avoid choosing complicated items for the menu. The menu depends on how many people are invited to the party. For a small setup, a dish of pasa, a big salad will work its charm. For larger parties, pay more attention to appetizers as this will cut the cost of spending much on the main course and will also avoid wastage. Do not forget a grand cake for the grand event as it would remain the cynosure of the party. With many online bakeries across the country, search for the best bakery in Meerut, Delhi, Mumbai, Pune or any city where you reside to help you with your special request of the designer cake.

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Include Some Party Games

Depending on the size of the party, you can include games to keep the party engaging and exciting. You can organise a dance contest for couples to involve everyone in the party. You can also opt for scavenger hunt, musical chair, find your partner, ‘how well do you know your partner’ contest and so forth. Make sure the games are interactive enough for all age groups so that no one feels left out.

So, make the celebration cherishable for them and help them smile a bit wider on the special day with these foolproof ways of fun and laughter.

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