Seven Creative Radiator Cover Ideas

Seven Creative Radiator Cover Ideas

During the chilly winter months, radiators are a necessity that no home can go without. They are an essential element to each space, but unfortunately aren’t the most attractive features. It can be challenging to design rooms around radiators and often they can feel like a nuisance in your interior design plan.

There are many creative ways to cover your radiator and integrate it as a seamless aspect to your design.

For inspiration, here are seven unique ideas for radiator covers.

1. Paint them

Though it sounds obvious, merely painting your radiator can do wonders for its aesthetic. Choose a colour that complements the rest of your room and fits into your color scheme. Since paint will not affect the function of your radiator, there’s no reason not to get creative. Incorporate multiple colours for a gradient look, or even paint designs on it if you want to get funky. It’s an excellent option for vertical radiators like those at Warmrooms since it’s harder to install a cover on them.

2. Floating shelf

For a minimalist and clean shelf idea, install a floating shelf on top of your radiator. You can use a simple wood board design right on top of the unit. While it won’t cover up your radiator, it will help maximize space and integrate it into your room design. Use the shelf for plants or other décor to brighten the room.

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3. Vanity area

For the bedroom, consider installing a vanity area over your radiator. Since radiators are often under windows, you’ll get tons of natural light which is perfect for doing your makeup. Use a delicate, pretty mirror to make the area an attractive addition to the room.

4. Wooden pallets

For the DIY-er, create a radiator cover from repurposed wooden pallets. Not only do they perfectly hide the unit, they also allow for the heat to flow without obstruction. You can also use the top of the pallet to display décor, pictures or plants. Paint the pallets to whatever color suits your living space.

5. Marble countertop

For the bathroom radiator, fit a small marble slab to the top for extended counter space. Since the radiator will heat the slab, you can even use it to warm up your towel for when you get out of the shower.

6. Decorative sideboard

Cover the whole radiator with a built-in sideboard. Not only can the top hold pictures, candles or other décor, but you can also choose a decorative frontal design. Go for a tempered glass top which is easy to clean and looks sleek as well. Ensure that the front panel will allow for air circulation and for the heat to flow into the room.

7. Custom radiator cover

Lastly, consider purchasing a custom radiator cover. There are many companies out there who will build unique covers that suit your space. While they may not offer any additional functions, they will seamlessly incorporate your radiator as part of the décor and may even serve as a statement piece.

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