Symtomax: Leading the Field in Medical Cannabis Production and Distribution in Europe

Symtomax: Leading the Field in Medical Cannabis Production and Distribution in Europe

Symtomax is a leading licensed producer of medical cannabis. With operations based in Portugal, Symtomax has Europe’s largest cultivation site along with facilities for processing and distribution of medical cannabis oil to international pharmaceutical companies and for research. The unique medical cannabis produced by Symtomax for the global healthcare industry will be GMP-certified and fully organic.

Medicinal Cannabis

The Symtomax site in Portugal ranges over 105 hectares of land, will produce a range of cannabis strains for the healthcare industry including indica dominant, sativa dominant, CBD strains and hybrid strains. The license granted to Symtomax allows for the development of a cannabis business that is vertically integrated, cultivating approved European Union seeds in both indoor and outdoor facilities.

All aspects of the medical cannabis distribution business are in operation across one site, including quality control, research, production, packaging, processing and distribution. Medicinal cannabis oil can be used to treat a wide range of health conditions, including anxiety and depression, cancers, dementia and Alzheimer’s, arthritis, and eating disorders such as anorexia.

About Symtomax

Symtomax was established in 2017 for the advancement of alternative healthcare products based around high-grade, medicinal quality cannabis oil for anyone who requires it. The company has a commitment to quality control with full regulatory compliance, cutting-edge technology and strict procedures that ensure that all products are of the highest quality.

The work of Symtomax is strengthened through its co-operation with a number of strategic partners, working closely with some of the world’s largest and most successful growers, manufacturers of cannabis-infused products and pharmaceutical companies. Board members include the former health minister Dr Eurico, former director and investor of GW Pharmaceuticals David Mace, and Olaf Van Tulder, CEO of one of the most famous brands in the world and their genetics.

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Portugal Site

One of the key advantages Symtomax has over other medicinal cannabis producers is access to a huge outdoor cultivation site. As the largest of its type in Europe, the Portugal outdoor site provides unique possibilities for harvesting cannabis plants at a much lower cost and in far higher volumes than ever before, with lower energy consumption than indoor growing. The robust agricultural background of Portugal provides human resources of the highest quality and level of experience. This combines with both a favourable meteorological climate and business climate to deliver optimum conditions for medical cannabis cultivation and distribution.

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