The Healthiest Types of Cuisine To Choose When Eating Out

The Healthiest Types of Cuisine To Choose When Eating Out

When you are trying to eat healthily, the best option is to prepare your meals at home from scratch. Of course, there will always be nights when you simply don’t feel like cooking, either because it’s a special occasion, you are tired, or you just want to try something new. When you eat out, certain cuisines are healthier than others however, so here are some options to look for near you.

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Visit a Japanese restaurant and you’ll notice that the focus is on fresh seafood and vegetables, with minimal carbs or red meat. It’s no wonder that the Japanese diet is considered among the healthiest, with the country boasting among the highest life expectancy in the world. Opt for dishes such as Sashimi, steamed rice, seaweed and sushi, while going easy on the deep-fried tempura.


The Mediterranean diet is another one that’s healthy and has even been rumored to help you live longer. Visit a Greek restaurant and you can enjoy healthy dishes such as:

  • Dolma – rice, vegetables, tomatoes and other ingredients are wrapped in vine leaves to make these delicious appetizers
  • Gigandes plaki – giant beans simmered in a tomato sauce make for a healthy, meat-free dinner
  • Souvlaki – skewers of lean meat such as chicken are grilled over an open fire, making for a low-fat, protein-rich dish
  • Greek salad – a colorful dish of tomatoes, olives cucumber and more, topped with crumbled feta, which makes healthy eating enjoyable


Filipino food is becoming increasingly popular for nights out, and it’s a healthy option when you want to eat well yet still enjoy lots of strong flavors. Restaurants such as RAPSA serve traditional Filipino dishes based around seafood, shellfish, fresh herbs, spices and colorful fruits and vegetables, so you can feel like you’ve indulged without the calories or fat.

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Thai food is an excellent alternative to Chinese when you are trying to stay healthy. While some dishes aren’t great for you, such as fried rice or spring rolls, as both of which use lots of oil, there are plenty of low-fat options. From sticky rice to chicken satay, tom yum soup and pad Thai, there are plenty of options for those who are trying to stick to a healthy lifestyle plan.


Mexican food isn’t always considered healthy, and there are certain elements that can make it difficult to eat when you are on a diet. For example, too much cheese, sour cream or tortillas soon pile on the calories and fat counts. However, there are a number of Mexican dishes that are healthy, and they’re generally the ones that are made from beans and pulses and vegetables, rather than red meat. Look out for chicken fajitas, bean chilli or grilled chicken or fish dishes. Swap the sour cream for extra homemade salsa.

Eating out doesn’t mean you have to completely break your diet. While restaurant dishes are usually higher in calories, fat, salt and sugar, most places have healthier options and will make small healthy swaps if requested.

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