Are At-Home Dental Solutions Worth It?

Are At-Home Dental Solutions Worth It?

With the availability of the internet, many people turn to search engines for information on health issues they may have. As per Google, 1 in 20 searches on its website is for health-related topics.

Naturally, internet users turn to search engines to find information that may help them alleviate pain and fix aesthetic issues regarding their teeth. Coupled with the trend of do-it-yourself solutions that have surfaced on the web, this has led to an increasing number of users looking for at-home solutions for their teeth and gums. This begs the question: Are at-home dental solutions worth it and to what degree should dental issue sufferers rely on do-it-yourself fixes?

Not All Dental Health Issues Are Equal

The range of issues that can plague someone’s oral health is wide. Some ailments are more serious than others and guaranteeing optimal dental health requires taking regular action. Prevention is preferable to treatment and solutions differ according to the severity of symptoms and their implications on overall health.

Brushing and Flossing

Brushing and flossing are recommended as the first line of defense against tooth and gum issues. Using the appropriate techniques for these everyday rituals is as important as performing them daily. With brushing, running the toothbrush along the gums and over the teeth in a 45-degree angle helps remove residue. With flossing, it’s important to wrap the floss around the tooth so that acid-laden debris is removed.

Daily dental care includes avoiding bad habits. Limiting alcohol consumption and refraining from smoking goes a long way in maintaining impeccable oral health.

Beyond Personal Hygiene Practices

Daily brushing and flossing are mandatory for anyone looking to ensure that their teeth and gums remain in good health. However, a recent trend is emerging where people are implementing at-home solutions to more of their dental health issues.

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At-Home Whitening

Clocked at 11 billion dollars and growing, the teeth-whitening industry is a highly-contested market. However, many of the available products for at-home whitening contain chemicals that bleach teeth. This is a concern and natural methods or the services of a dentist may be more preferable.

Using hydrogen peroxide as a natural whitening agent is one way of attempting a do-it-yourself approach. Hydrogen peroxide is an effective bacteria-killing agent. Thus, the user benefits from the chemical’s disinfecting properties. Using apple cider vinegar or brushing with baking soda will provide a similar result. Individuals that cannot get the desired whitening effect or may suspect their enamel needs extra attention should make an appointment with their trusted dentist.

Fillings and Crowns

As the subject moves away from cosmetic issues and into painful conditions, greater care is required. This means that the at-home solutions available should be implemented with care and a visit to a dentist should follow.

Losing fillings or crowns while traveling can be a nuisance. Paste and pain relievers can be purchased at a pharmacy and provide a temporary solution. However, prolonging the use of short-term fixes can result in greater problems if not resolved conclusively.

A Worrying Trend

Having dental insurance is important for the oral health of citizens in countries where coverage can make healthcare accessible. In recent years, rising costs have driven people experiencing financial difficulties in the worrying trend of do-it-yourself dentistry. Sufferers of serious tooth and gum issues attempt procedures to resolve their condition with potentially disastrous results.

In these cases, the prospect of resolving a dental health issue is not worth the risk. Proper care from a dentist can protect a patient from serious detrimental conditions. Medical science has shown that there may be a correlation between gum health and heart issues. Also, a dentist will easily spot signs of mouth cancers that a patient cannot.

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Taking a Prudent Approach to Dental Health

At-home dental solutions can be complementary to regular visits to the dentist. Being rational about the severity of oral health issues and focusing on prevention will help keep serious dental health matters at bay. People with the potential to experience dental issues while traveling can pack a kit with some essentials that will come in handy.

These items include paste for affixing loose crowns and fillings into place as well as over-the-counter pain relievers for temporary comfort. Some pharmacies offer kits specially equipped for patching issues while on the road. The goal of such kits is to help the sufferer make the best of the situation by functioning painlessly for the duration of their trip.

To avoid the prospect of dealing with serious complications in the future, the best option is to exercise a daily preventative regimen. This includes proper brushing and flossing. Augmenting this regimen with natural methods can help keep teeth and gums free of plaque and painful conditions such as cavities and periodontal disease. Contact Dr. Marc Lazare, a cosmetic dentist in New York, who can help you narrow down what treatment is right for you and your oral health.

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