Home Office Design Ideas For A More Extraordinary Space

Home Office Design Ideas For A More Extraordinary Space

So you work from home, and you love what you do, but the only issue is that you really aren’t keen on your work space. Your home office doesn’t call to you like the beautiful spaces you see posted on Instagram, and it’s starting to get you down. You want an office space that you feel aids your productivity and allows you to work as efficiently as possible. The fact is that working in a space that doesn’t inspire you will limit your success.

The question that a lot of people struggle with when it comes to the design of their home offices is what steps does it take to get it right?

Create a multipurpose space

Having a multipurpose office space can work rather well, especially if your home is a little on the smaller side. However, don’t opt to work in a “busy” room like the living room or kitchen, instead opt for somewhere that gets less foot traffic, such as a spare bedroom, for instance. Of course, if you have an entire spare room free, you could choose to commandeer it and turn it into a dedicated home office.

However, if you lack space, then a shared guest bedroom / home office could work well. It’s just a case of getting the elements right. You will need a desk, some shelving, perhaps a fireplace too – you can find some amazing designs online or from a fireplace shop London – a layered approach to lighting, plenty of storage space, a sofa bed, and lots of cute, quirky accessories.

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Add a quirky feature wall

Whether you have an entire room to yourself or you have a corner of another room to utilize, it’s important to think about how you can create an inspirational space that you love.

A great first step is to incorporate a feature wall which is decorated in the paint color or wallpaper of your choice and includes useful items such as wall planners, noticeboards, or even a chalkboard – alternatively you could opt to have an entire chalkboard feature wall.

Be minimalistic

If there’s one thing that you don’t want your home office to be, it’s over cluttered, which is why it’s so important to opt for a minimalistic approach when it comes to the design of your workspace.

Make sure that you have incorporated plenty of storage space, so that everything that you need to have to hand can be safely stored out of sight but is still easily accessible. You could opt to look at built-in storage solutions or consider investing in a desk that offers a large amount of storage space within it.

Add accessories

To give your home office a sense of personality, make sure to take the time to consider the accessories that you want to add to the space. Simple items such as pieces of wall art, rugs, potted indoor plants, and stylish desk accessories can help to give your home office a more personal look and feel.

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