The Most Eco-Friendly Flooring Options

The Most Eco-Friendly Flooring Options

Choosing your floor can be one of the most important decisions for any renovation project.  Often flooring can take up a significant amount of your total budget and as it has practical as well as aesthetic needs, there is a lot to consider.  

For homeowners who would like to take the environment into consideration, as well as reducing the possible amount of harmful toxins in their home, then here is a list of the eco-friendly flooring options. Of course, homeowners will still need to take their budget and personal preferences into consideration.


Happily, cork is a naturally renewable material, largely due to the fact that it is produced from the bark of the cork oak tree in the Mediterranean.  No trees are cut down in the making of cork flooring, but the bark is harvested and then left to grow back, which only takes around three years.  

As well as this, cork also has welcome anti-microbial properties which helps to reduce allergens in the home.  It is a naturally fire-retardant material which makes it one of the safest options and it is easy to maintain.

Another major advantage of cork is that it is a natural insect repellent, helping not only to repel critters from your home but also providing its own immunity to the havoc caused by termites, beetles and ants. This can help reduce the amount of harmful chemicals that are used in your home as part of pest control.

Another massive eco-friendly property of cork is its ability to provide insulation which can in turn help to reduce your heating and cooling costs. Suppliers like are able to supply cork that is finished in a wide variety of paints and stains and generally lasts for ten to thirty years before needing replacement.


Bamboo is one of the most durable types of floor you can put down. It has the capability to withstand constant pressure in high traffic areas such as hallways and is less likely to acquire scratches and dents than hardwood floors.

Bamboo does not swell or warp which makes it very easy to maintain. It is also a flooring that is easy to install.  Because bamboo is made from a natural, fast growing vegetation that reaches maturity in three to five years, it is thought to be one of the most sustainable options for flooring. However, bamboo is mostly shipped from East Asia and this factor alone does add to the carbon footprint of the product.

Bamboo is also an aesthetically pleasing option for flooring as it is available in many hues and gives homeowners plenty of choice for customization.

Wool Carpet

Wool Carpet is soft and warm underfoot, giving it a luxurious feel in many rooms of your home. Of course, it would be unsuitable for areas of the home that have a lot of water such as the bathroom or kitchen, but it can add a warm cozy feeling to bedrooms and sitting rooms. It is ideal for families as it is comfortable to sit on and makes a welcoming surface for children to play. Maintained and looked after correctly, wool can last for centuries.

Of course, the range of colors and patterns for wool carpets is almost endless so this is a flooring that can blend in seamlessly with any scheme. Wool is a natural resource, so it stands to reason that it is a good eco-friendly choice for homeowners.  Other eco-friendly choices for carpet can include seagrass and jute.


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