5 Areas to Focus on When Renovating

5 Areas to Focus on When Renovating

Whether you are carrying out renovations on your current living space, or fixing up an empty house before you move in, there’s a lot to think about. Some projects take more time and money than others, but even smaller jobs have the potential to transform into big problems. It’s certainly not a job that you should do yourself, even if you have previous experience in home renovating projects. With so much to do, trying to tackle it alone will only lead to exhaustion and missing things out. As a guide to help you and your team, remember to focus on these 5 areas.

1. Structural Health

First and foremost, have the structure of the house inspected. This should have occurred before you purchased the property, as this is something that can significantly affect the selling price. If there are any issues, you will need to determine how serious they are before you proceed with any renovations, as it could be too dangerous to carry out this sort of work.

2. Wiring

Any homes will have its electrics system wired up around the property. Older houses might have inefficient wiring still in place that will need removing. Hire a professional electrician to do this for you, as it can be a dangerous and potentially fatal job if something goes wrong. Additionally, they will be able to talk you through how the new electrics system works in the property on completion. It is essential that you get the wiring right, as otherwise the home will suffer from inadequate power and possible health and safety hazards.

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3. Plumbing

Another essential part of any modern home – good plumbing. As with your wiring, hire a professional plumber to inspect the current system and make sure it’s up to scratch. If there are any old or broken pipes, this will result in leaks that could damage your property. If you need to make any changes, they will be able to help you with that. It’s important that the plumbing system works properly for good sanitation in the home.

4. Flooring

Having secure flooring is important in a house for safety purposes, as well as making the place look good. Make sure your floorboards are healthy and level before you place carpets or anything else on top. You should also make sure you have an insulating layer beneath the floorboards and the top flooring to keep in the heat. Wooden floors are popular choices with many homeowners, like these sold at woodfloors-farnham.co.uk. However, carpets can be better in achieving a cozier feel.

5. Fixtures

Pre-existing fixtures in the home such as decorative plaster on the ceiling or built in shelves and storage units should also be carefully considered. If they are in good condition, preserving these features will keep the personality of the property alive and can be used as a unique selling point in future.

Renovating a property is a lot of work, no matter how big or small it is. Use these tips as a starting point to plan your project.

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