Best youtube features for video promotion

Best youtube features for video promotion

When you want to let your customers or viewers know about your new services/ products, latest accomplishments, or product features, video is a great way to do it. Statistic have it that people are more inclined to visual content as opposed to text or written content. So, if you want to attract the attention of views videos are the ideal way to get their attention and pass on your message. Some people also buys YouTube Views and gain popularity instantly.

As a brand or new youtuber you can use YouTube to promote your videos for various purposes. What are the features on platform that you can use to promote videos?

Video title

The title of your video determines whether it will get a wide view ship or not. Given the fact that there are thousands and thousands of videos post on YouTube it is good practise that you do keyword search before crafting a selling title. Your title should perfectly describe your video and as a result it should be short and to the point, should be attention grabbing, should contain some power and emotional trigger capable words and lastly it should be in capital letter.

Branding water mark

Branding watermarks lets you add a subscription button to all your videos. The feature helps in video promotion in the sense that the more subscribers you get the more views you get. Views and subscriber are a source of traffic which YouTube search engines use to rank videos when a user keys in certain keywords.

YouTube end screen and cards

YouTube screen and cards enable you to feature other great videos in your channel. Usually the features allow you choose the videos that show up on the right margin of a user’s screen the current video stops playing. End screens and cards are also great ways for attracting more subscribers to you channel.visit here

You tube thumbnails

Typically, YouTube thumbnails are to YouTube what book covers are to books. They are the first thing a user see on your video before clicking on it. what does this mean, if thumbnails are what users see first, they should be designed of crafted to attract their attention.

They are a user’s determining factor to either watch or not watch your video. Use of this feature should be such that it lures more people into viewing your video.

You tube tags

This feature allows you to tag other videos that are related to your own. It also allows you to describe your videos with relevant keywords related to your niche. To make maximum use of this feature, primary or LSI keywords that are relevant to your videos. This is the only ways YouTube and google will use to make your videos visible on their search engines.

Social media buttons

YouTube also allows you to embed your other social media buttons on your channel. This feature is relevant only if you want to feature your videos on other social platform like Facebook, twitter, Instagram and the rest. Similarly, you can implement sharing buttons on the platforms to promote your videos on YouTube.

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