How to Feng Shui Your Kitchen

How to Feng Shui Your Kitchen

Your kitchen is the center of your household. The whole family spends time there, whether they’re cooking or eating. The kitchen is a place to forget about the stresses of life, such as work or school, and unwind. For some, unwinding might mean whipping up some brownies in silence, and for others, it might be turning up the music and dancing while doing the dishes.

That said, a kitchen can quickly become disorganized and messy, making it a place you won’t want to be. That’s why it’s crucial to design the kitchen correctly from the get-go so that it’s functional and a place that you can feel relaxed in. Here are some design tips to feng shui your kitchen.

Glass Cabinet Doors

Even if you have ample kitchen space, it’s always a good idea to look for ways to open up the space. Installing glass cabinet doors will improve the flow of your kitchen space and make it appear bigger and more open. Since you will be able to see through the doors, you will have the incentive to keep the contents organized and tidy, which will improve the feng shui all around.

Avoid Hanging Cookware

Though you may often see pictures of beautiful kitchens with hanging pot racks, it’s not a great choice for encouraging feng shui. When you hang up heavy pots and pans, it subconsciously causes anxiety because there is always the fear of them falling. If the hanging rack is somewhere that people might stand near or under, like the stove or kitchen island, it can invoke negative energy. Instead, store cookware neatly in cabinets or drawers.

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Choose the Right Colors

The principals of feng shui work with five elements: fire, earth, metal, water, and wood. Contrasting elements can cause a clash; as the kitchen focuses around fire, you should look for specific colors to create harmony. Fire is represented by red; therefore, avoid red tones, as they won’t generate balance. Since water is fire’s opposite, avoid blue hues as well. Instead, aim for earth tones like beiges and yellows, or metal tones such as white and grey. Incorporate these tones into both the paint and the flooring, using, for example, wood flooring or white marbled tiles.

Consult the Experts

If you’re new to home design and decorating, the best option is to hire experts in kitchen design West Midlands. You can speak to them about what you’re looking for, and they can advise you as to the best way to design your space. As experts in the field, they will know precisely what works in a kitchen and what doesn’t. After all, you want to get the design right the first time, since any design project is an investment. Furthermore, design experts will do all the hard work for you and help keep the process as stress-free as possible.

Using the principals of feng shui when designing your kitchen can help you create a relaxing space that you and your family want to spend time in. Cooking is therapeutic for many, and having a functional and beautiful space to cook in is essential.

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