Top Wedding Rental Must Haves

Top Wedding Rental Must Haves

When you plan your wedding, you have so many details that require your attention that it can overwhelm you. This is especially true if you have a specific vision for how you want your ceremony and reception to look or if your venue does not include any of the basic items you need. Before you get completely stressed out, remember that quality vintage event rental companies can make it easy for you to find all your essentials in one place. This list of top wedding rental items can serve as a checklist as you count down to your big day.

Turn the Tables

Your guests need a place to sit and eat during the reception, and table rentals are non-negotiable if you are serving food. To determine how many tables you’ll need, do a quick guest head count and consider the space you’re using to see how many tables it can accommodate.

Grab a Seat

Tables are available in standard sizes, but with chairs, you have more choice. Decide what style or color fits with the ambiance you want to create, and talk to your rental professional about how many chairs they recommend for your size wedding. You may want to overestimate to account for those people who may not remember to RSVP.

Take Your Place

Unless your wedding is a casual affair, you may want to forego disposable plates, cups, and cutlery. Instead, go with quality dishes and flatware as well as vintage glassware rentals for a distinctive look that makes your reception feel special.

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The Light Fantastic

Can you imagine if your wedding lighting was purely overhead fluorescents? It wouldn’t make for exceptional photographs, that’s for sure. Why not go for ambient lighting, such as chandeliers or table lamps, to soften the look and create a romantic environment? You can even rent candle holders rather than buying them to get an upscale look at a fraction of the price.

Front and Center

Another rental item you may not have considered are table centerpieces. From small floral arrangements to elaborate displays, the options are endless. You may be surprised what rental companies have available to bridal parties to create a custom look for guest tables as well as tables for the bridal party, cake, and buffet service.

Raise the Bar

Have you planned a cocktail hour or specialty drinks? Then you better rent a bar or two to serve your guests in style. Not every event space has even the basics such as bars, and you may need to provide this service item as well as the drinks to stock it.

Lounge Around

A popular trend in wedding décor right now is creating a seating lounge as a comfortable, informal space where guests can gather. This can be something as simple as a few end tables, rugs, and sofas or something more elaborate to craft an intimate seating area.

The Tip of the Iceberg

Don’t forget things like a dance floor, linens, and even photograph backdrops to personalize your wedding day even more. Work with an event and party rental company with a good reputation that can help you decide what can make your dream wedding into a happily ever after.

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