How to Buy Good Marijuana: 4 Tips to Buying Your First Stash from a Recreational Dispensary

How to Buy Good Marijuana: 4 Tips to Buying Your First Stash from a Recreational Dispensary

Looking for ways to enjoy your time in isolation during the current COVID-19 lockdown? Well, while there are plenty of ways to speed the hands of time, a great way to distract yourself and ease the anxiety brought about by the current pandemic is to simply look up “recreational marijuana dispensary near me” and get your recreational marijuana stash.

You could use it to make some great edibles, try that epic weed recipe you came across the other day or simply roll a blunt and enjoy what it has to offer. But what if you have never bought marijuana from a dispensary before? Where do you even start? Fret not because here are some tips to help you buy the best marijuana stash you have ever had from a dispensary.

Start by Finding a Reputable Dispensary

You cannot buy good weed from an ill-rated dispensary, and unfortunately, ever since recreational pot was legalized in states like Oklahoma and Colorado, such dispensaries are quite many. With that said, the first step to finding the best stash you have ever had is to find a reputable dispensary.

So, what makes a good dispensary? An appealing ambiance, a wide selection of cannabis products, and also engaging staff. You want a budtender who is experienced enough to answer your questions and even recommend the best strain. Also, a reputable dispensary has excellent reviews online. Therefore, make sure you search “recreational dispensary near me” and check out reviews to see what people have to say.

Look at the Color

There are thousands of marijuana strains, and each one has a unique hue. Most strains have a bright green color, while others have a deep green or dark purple hue characterized with flaming red or orange hairs. However, while pot has no specific color, if most of the strains in the dispensary you just walked into are discolored or are bleached, run for the hills as this is a sign the stash you are looking at is old and stale.

But besides bleaching, if the stash you have been handed is too dark, this is probably a sign the grower used short cuts during the curing process. Also, if the weed looks brown, it wasn’t properly grown.


High end, excellent quality weed flowers usually have these white, crystal-like dots that look like salt. These are called trichomes and often produce the cannabinoids mentioned earlier, including THC. They are also responsible for the flower’s smell and flavor. The saltier the marijuana flower looks like, the more potent it is, and the better. So, look for these as well. While at it, also consider touching the strain (if the dispensary allows). It should be sticky and a little bit spongy but shouldn’t be wet or too soft. It also shouldn’t be dry or crumbly.

Remember There’s More to It Than Just THC

If you are looking for recreational marijuana, you probably want a stash with the highest THC. In that light, it may not make sense to you that a strain with only 20% THC is going for $50, while a strain with 25% is going for $29. However, while looking for weed, remember there is more to it than just THC. That $50 strain is probably going at that price because it has the right amount of cannabinoids, and will benefit you the most by offering you the entourage effect. In other words, you’ll not just get high, but will also enjoy the full-fledged benefits of other cannabis compounds such as CBD and the terpenes.

As a first time buyer from a dispensary, you want your experience to be smooth sailing so you can go back again. You can ensure it does by keeping the tips above in mind the next time you shop from that dispensary you found on your Google search “recreational dispensary near me.”

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