Is This-True Owning a Dog May Help You Live Longer?

Is This-True Owning a Dog May Help You Live Longer?

Dogs are an essential part of the family unit in many households across the globe. Dogs are great companions and they make life more interesting. Among the many benefits that owning a dog offers, new research suggests that a dog may help you live longer. Therefore, as you think of buying the best dog food for your dog, it should be a more pleasurable experience knowing that your pet is a valuable part of your life.

Whatever your reason for owning a dog, yes it is true, owning one can help you live longer. Here’s how.

Enhanced Cardiovascular Health

Owning a dog not only helps you to live a fulfilling life, but a dog enhances your cardiovascular health. A recent study shows that having or owning a dog has been highly linked to reduced cholesterol levels, low blood pressure and reduced levels of triglyceride in the body. All these contribute to the wellbeing of your heart.

Owning a dog means engaging in an active life. From your grooming routine, training to the regular dog walks, you are keeping your life active with your pet. This boosts your chances of good cardiovascular health for you to live long.

Hit your Exercises Goals

Generally, it is recommended that you engage in 30 minutes to 1 hour or 2 of moderate exercises every day. For many dog owners, achieving this goal is easy as opposed to living without a dog. A dog is a great companion that you can go for an evening walk together, visit the park, and go on a vacation that involves adventurous activities and other exciting activities that keep the both of you active.

exercises with pets

With such, you keep your body and mind fit and active for healthy living and long life.

Through Weight Loss

Owning a dog also helps you to live longer due to weight loss. It is without a doubt that a high body mass index increases your chances of getting a heart attack among other related health conditions. However, when you own a Fido, you will exercise often during walks, or even indoor exercises when you are feeling lazy. Such moderate to rigorous activities enhance weight loss for good health to prolong your lifespan.

Enhanced Social Life

As you grow old, it may be hard for you to engage in a more rewarding social life. However, as a dog owner, you can talk to other dog owners, go for dog events and enjoy companionships with family members and friends who love dogs. This keeps you socially active that boosts your happiness in the end for longer life.

Reduced Stress

When you own a dog, you reduce your stress levels. Instead of spending hours thinking of your misfortunes, and other life stressors, you can talk to dog owners on how they relate with their dogs, go for a walk, attend events and enjoy more socially rewarding activities. This is to reduce your stress levels which is also a leading cause of life-threatening conditions.

Prevent Isolation and Loneliness

Owning a dog simply adds meaning and purpose to your life. While it can be hard to find out what you can do daily, a dog offers emotional, physical and social ideas that keep you active, happy and less stressed. It reduces isolation, loneliness and gives you more reasons to live and enjoy life. your dog will motivate you to wake up, take a walk, play, go to the movies and enjoy all that nature offers for improved living.

enjoy life with pets

Reduces Risks of Depression

Owning a dog can help you stave off stress and depression. Dogs enhance your general wellbeing including your mental health. Even if you have an underlying health condition, you can find it less depressing if you have a dog that keeps you smiling most of the day. Research shows that dogs ward off depression amongst teens, kids, the elderly, and the sick and in healthy individuals.

You will agree that you can communicate your feelings with your dog if well trained. Whenever you are feeling depressed, your dog can keep you company at your lowest moments. This boosts your moods, reduces depression and prolongs your life.

You can Battle Diseases, Injuries and Allergies by Owning a Dog

Owning a dog can also prolong your life as it helps you battle diseases, allergies and even injuries. Some dogs can easily detect illnesses and debilitations. Today, some dogs are;

  • Trained to sniff your different types of cancer including kidney, bladder, skin and prostate cancer.
  • Several service dogs are great in helping you if you have different conditions including autism, traumatic brain injury, rheumatoid arthritis and other related conditions. They promote mobility, independence and even peace of mind.
  • A dog can also soothe you and provide quality support if you are suffering from Alzheimer’s diseases.

reduces depression with pet

With such benefits, you will agree that a dog enhances your well being in several ways. It helps you live longer and healthily.

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