Snus: How It All Begun

Snus: How It All Begun

We can all agree that smoking is perhaps one of the most widespread habits all over the globe. Statistically, over one billion people are active smokers, mind you, we have not included the passive ones. Neither have we included social smokers. It is with certainty that one of the active ingredients in cigarettes that makes it so loved is tobacco. And it is from that that we get into today’s topic, Snus. For someone who has never heard of this name, well, you are in for some schooling. You may not particularly indulge in the habit, but remember knowledge is never a minus but instead a plus. So let us get right into it.

Who or what is Snus?

Snus is a moist powder-like form of tobacco that traces its origins back to the 18th century in Sweden. For use, this fine powder is placed in the lip, either top or bottom. And the user waits for the stuff to sip into their capillaries into the bloodstream. Sailors, notably Columbus, was among the first to have come across this habitual drug when he went ashore to an island and saw the natives inhale a powder. Back then, it was believed that this nasal snuff cured migraines and so it was introduced to the Europeans. Because of this, the habit spread across the world like a wildfire.

Back then, this nasal snuff was only used by the Swedish royals who were influenced by the French. But the usage popularity in France drastically reduced due to the French revolution when the natives preferred smoking cigars to the nasal snuff. But this was not the end; it bore Snus, which is booming up to this day.

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How is Snus manufactured?

In the making of Snus, the tobacco is dried, milled down, mixed with salt, soda, water, and flavoring. The Snus is then fermented at high temperatures before it is packed. The process today differs as the fermentation process takes a short time, and the tobacco used comes from all over the world, as opposed to locally grown as in 1800.

How Snus differs from other tobacco products

First things first, when we hear of tobacco, we associate the product with nasty, environmentally-polluting, smoke-emitting, and harmful effects. But with Snus, a lot of that has been eradicated. Snus is a moist smokeless tobacco powder, which means one does not light it up in flames to use. Instead, the powder is placed on the lip, usually the top one for usage. Additionally, you do not have to spit it out.

Types of Snus

There are two kinds;

The loose Snus and the Portion Snus. The loose Snus is packaged into a cylindrical can, and the result is called pinch or prilla. On the other hand, the Portion Snus is the same smokeless powder, but it has been packaged into tea-bag like sachets. A more significant population of Snus users prefer these sachets because of their discretion and convenience.

Take away

Hoping that knowing the brief history of Snus has added some value to your knowledge of tobacco products. Everything, including Snus, has an origin as you have read. Well, now you do know something about Snus, and when asked, you can say something about it.

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