Different Types Of Women’s Perfume You Can Buy

Different Types Of Women’s Perfume You Can Buy

When it comes to fragrances, they are incredibly powerful and personal. A scent or smell has the potential to evoke feelings and memories in a way that even other senses cannot do. That being said, it can get difficult for anyone to choose a particular scent as it is so intimate. However, the perfume world can be divided into seven categories. If a person knows what category of fragrance they like, then choosing a perfume becomes a much simpler and easier task, especially when they are shopping for women’s perfume online. In this article, you will learn about the major categories of fragrances so that you get to choose your perfume easily when you shop next.


If you love the smell of water, beach, sand, and all other things that remind you of water, then this category of fragrance would be perfect for you. They are characterised by exotic marine notes such as fresh sea air, salt, and algae. These fragrances will bring to your mind the memory of red seaweed essence, notes of marine accord, and breezy sailing days.


If you want to go for something sultry, then spicy fragrances would be a perfect choice for you. They are mostly characterised by warm and sensual notes of pepper, incense, and cardamom. Wearing this perfume would give you a feeling of mysteriousness. So, if you want to be the centre of attention, this can just work it’s magic for you.


This fragrance is composed of notes that include watermelon, pear, cherry, and likewise. They can evoke the memories of hot but sweet summer days. Sometimes fruity scents are also complemented with floral hints to balance out the fragrance.

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If you want to be unapologetically romantic, get yourself a floral fragrance right away. They are the most feminine and flirty in the entire collection of perfumes. While some of these fragrances can be really intense, a lot of them can also emit a playful, sparkling effect. Floral fragrances mostly include notes of sandalwood, marjoram, violet leaves, jasmine, orange, and rose. Hence, when you are buying women’s perfume online, look for a brand that uses ingredients which are biodynamic, wildcrafted, and organic.


This fragrance is the trickiest of the lot. You will either hate it or love it; there is no in-between. Even though they are sweet, they can feel quite heavy on the nose. Common notes include caramel, burnt sugar, chocolate, and vanilla. Therefore, if you like to smell like fresh dessert, then you will find a lot of such women’s perfume online.


These scents are clean and crisp, usually complemented with notes of bergamot, orange, grapefruit, and lemon. They are extremely refreshing and would make you feel like you have just stepped out from a hot spring shower. In addition to that, this fragrance is also super flirty, so the next time you have a date night, you know what to wear.


Smelling like the fresh forest, these woody scents are a personal favourite of all the nature lovers and adventurers. It features a smell of wet mud, fresh leaves, tender wood, and anything that is related to the outdoors. These perfumes are paired with common notes such as chamomile and tobacco. It is highly recommended for women who like outdoor activities like hiking, camping, etc.

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Once you have a fair idea of different kinds of perfume smells, it would be easier for you to buy women’s perfume online. However, you have to ensure that you buy a top branded perfume as their smell tends to stay longer, in comparison with mediocre perfumes or body mists.

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