How to Sleep Comfortably While Pregnant (Including Sleeping on the Floor!)

How to Sleep Comfortably While Pregnant (Including Sleeping on the Floor!)

Pregnancy is very exciting, but it can come with bumps in the road. There is no woman on the planet who doesn’t suffer a little during pregnancy. However, knowing the best ways to sleep comfortably on the floor while pregnancy may be a good thing to know.

Getting a good night sleep may be the difference between feeling great and feeling awful during the day. You need to know how to sleep when you’re ANYWHERE! We definitely learnt the hard way that you may need to sleep in the strangest places when pregnant. After all, your hormones may kick in and you could need to sleep – you do have a baby growing inside of you! Sleeping in a big, bouncy bed, is often a lot of people’s dream but when you’re pregnant, the mind plays unusual tricks and makes you believe that other things (such as sleeping on the floor) are a better idea. Then there is all the research that supports the strange things you do when you’re having a baby. While you may think that we’re crazy and not talking any sense, you may be surprised at the number of pregnant women that sleep on the floor of their bedroom during the various trimesters of their pregnancy. It is very common for these women to want to find out the best way to sleep, and sometimes the floor is the best option.

We’ve written this article to tell all you pregnant women and potential parents that sleeping on the floor when you’re having a baby isn’t as uncommon and strange as you think, and it can be comfortable. The only thing you may have to worry about how to sleep comfortably and safely while pregnant and keeping your baby comfortable too.

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Keeping your baby safe when you’re sleeping

Your baby’s safety is the main priority when you’re pregnant, so you have to do everything in your care to be as safe as possible. Sleeping is one of the only times during your pregnancy when you won’t be conscious to know what is happening inside your womb and know that the baby is still doing well. It is essential that you (as a pregnant woman and mummy-to-be) have a comfortable place in which you can relax and have a good night’s sleep while also not putting yourself or the baby in danger. The Beautiful Bambino website has a range of comfortable pillows you may be interested in trying out. Their ranges are ideal for when your little one arrives too.

The sleeping positions you have to try

The typical pregnant woman sleeping position is sleeping on your left -hand side, nobody can accurately pinpoint why it is the left side for so many women, but it is. It is all to do with your liver being located on the right-hand side and having to keep as much pressure off the liver as possible, so it doesn’t get damaged. By sleeping on your left-hand side while you’re pregnant, you allow for better blood circulation. However, many other sleeping positions have proven popular for pregnant women, which includes sleeping on your back. This is not recommended past four months as put pressure on vital organs which can end up causing a mixture of many things such as nausea, headaches, blood pressure, and dizziness.

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Many women will change their sleeping position throughout the night, so don’t worry if you’re a heavy sleeper and you move a lot. When you’re heavily pregnant, you’re less likely to move a lot anyway. If you do, your body will naturally get you into a more comfortable position when it realizes you’re in an uncomfortable one. Everything to do with your sleep, including your sleeping positions is up to you. You should always do what is best for you and your baby.

Sleeping in usual places

Surprisingly sleeping on the floor when pregnant is not a rare occurrence, and many mommies end up doing this, you just have ensured you do it correctly. If you’re going to stay on the floor for most of the night then you should take some pillows and a blanket down with you, it may seem hot when you initially go to bed, but you don’t want to wake up in the night really cold. The best part about sleeping on a floor is that your pillow can become a mattress except you can customize them around your bump and make it a lot more comfortable to sleep. It may be that you want some protection under your bump and over it but want the actual bump merely laying on the floor.

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