How To Help Sea Turtles on Your Next Vacation

How To Help Sea Turtles on Your Next Vacation

The amount of people that love sea turtles is growing and it shows in all the turtle-themed things you can buy from t-shirts to phone cases. If you’re a turtle lover, no doubt you’ve dreamed of what it would be like to see these magnificent creatures in person. However, sea turtles are protected, so you must go about it in the proper way. Here are several ideas of how you can visit sea turtles and help them at the same time.

Research First

Before you decide on a turtle-based vacation, you should learn more about them. Did you know there are seven species in the whole world? You can find sea turtles all over the globe, and some of them travel thousands of miles during migration. They like to lay their eggs on beaches including ones in Florida, South Carolina, Texas, Mexico and Central America.

Find a Role Model

It’s always nice to hear about big names that share a cause you hold dear. For example, Louise Gund, who is a Broadway producer and photographer, is also an environmental activist with a soft spot for sea turtles. She’s been an advocate for these animals, speaking about the danger caused to them by nets and hooks used in fishing. When new hooks were developed to help save turtles, Louise became a proponent for the project.

Understand Your Mission

Though you may find sea turtles adorable, they’re also extremely important to the environment. Sea turtles help save coral reefs by eating off dangerous species that affect it negatively. They also provide important nutrients to the vegetation on beaches where they lay their eggs. In addition, turtles like to munch on seagrass, and their meals help it to grow the way it should across the ocean floor.

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Select a Destination

If you’re serious about observing sea turtles, select a destination that sounds interesting to you. One of the most popular places to see turtles is Costa Rica. Costa Rica specializes in ecotourism including the preservation of sea turtles. On your trip, you’ll be paired with a trained guide that knows how to protect turtles and not disturb them while they lay their eggs at night. By following these regulations, your dream of seeing sea turtles will come true.

Choose Eco-Friendly Lodging

Whichever destination you choose, it’s important to select an eco-friendly hotel. These hotels have a goal of protecting sea turtles and when you stay at one, you can participate in special activities. You’ll be able to take part in beach cleaning efforts, patrolling the area and in at least one Costa Rican retreat, you can actually measure the turtles and mark where eggs are dropped.

Continue Your Efforts

Choosing to help sea turtles on your next vacation will not only be a scenic and beautiful trip but one that will be extremely gratifying as well. Helping these important creatures is vital to the planet and, in helping turtles, you are also helping the oceans, reefs and beaches where they live. The rewarding feeling you’ll get will hopefully inspire you to continue your efforts.

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