Boosting Your Health this Summer: A Quick Guide

Boosting Your Health this Summer: A Quick Guide

After months in relative sloth-mode, taking fewer walks each week, and being prevented from heading to the gym, it’s likely that you’re feeling in need of a health and fitness boost in time for the summer months. With summer now on our doorstep, it’s time to make a concerted effort to build up your strength and resilience – and have fun exercising – as we head out of lockdown. Here’s a quick guide for boosting your health getting your body in shape in light of the months you’ve spent indoors in 2020.

Slow Build-up

This tip is crucial. Going out and expecting to be as fit as a fiddle straight after lockdown is unfortunately rather naïve. You’ve spent far less time being active, and for too long a time, to be at the same level at which you entered lockdown. Avoid causing yourself an injury by taking things slowly and by gradually building up your strength in order to hit the ground running at full speed in a month or two.

Personal Training

If you’ve never had a personal trainer, now may be the time to invest in one – either for the short term or the long term. A personal trainer can help you to understand your own body and how you can do different exercises to achieve weight loss and build strength in different parts of your physique. Personal trainers are also incredibly motivational, helping you jump off the couch and into a new fitness regime post-lockdown. Head to The Club Fitness Facilities in order to make use of a personal trainer this summer.

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Ideal Diet

Working towards your ideal diet might be something that you’ve been attempting to do for years – or it might be a new idea that you’ve had over lockdown, as you’ve experimented with more and more different types of food. In the weeks following your release from lockdown, it’s important to capitalize on your wish to eat a healthier diet – and to do this, you should invest in the cookbooks and recipes you feel will be beneficial to your health over time.

More Walks

It’s incredible how much a simple walk can help you develop better health. Indeed, walking burns a high number of calories and encourages better posture and better skeletal health in your overall life. Walking is also something that you can do instantly and without stress, and will help you build your strength back up. Walk to the store instead of driving, and head to local areas of natural beauty to take strolls in the days and weeks ahead.

Drop Bad Habits

All of your work on your fitness can come tumbling down if you indulge in a few bad habits this summer. You know what those bad habits are: overeating, drinking, and smoking. Not only do these indulgences serve to set your fitness back, but they continue a feedback loop that deepens your bad habits. Cut them out this summer in order to live a healthier life of fitness and vitality.

Use the tips contained in this article to burst into the summer of 2020 by boosting your health with added energy and vitality and build up your health once more.

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