If you sleep on your stomach, what mattress is right for you?

If you sleep on your stomach, what mattress is right for you?

Today we ask ourselves the question of whether sleeping on your stomach is good, and in that case, what mattress suits you? In this post we give you the answer and some tips so that your rest is adequate.

The best are medium and medium-firm mattresses with good adaptability. To ensure that your chest and belly sink into the mattress, and that your back and neck do not suffer excessively from the fact that when sleeping on your stomach we “contradict” the natural curve that we have at the back of our neck.

You must bear in mind that sleeping on your stomach is not the most advisable posture for the health of your spine or for proper organic functioning: the organs responsible for digestion, respiration, blood circulation is compressed … At first it will cost us, but the body can be “educated” to a sleeping posture.

To stomach sleepers, the best would be a mattress of firmness 3, medium soft and with good thickness. For the stomach and chest to sink into the mattress, minimizing its compression.

But be careful, we should not choose the firmness of a mattress because one of the sleepers sleeps “upside down”. It is more important to choose the firmness of the mattress for which the heaviest sleeper needs – if there are two who sleep, we are sorry, when choosing firmness, the one that weighs the most will send; choose firmness for the one we are used to or the one we think we need.

As we have said, we can educate the posture in which to sleep … and thus perhaps choose a mattress with a more habitual firmness, firmness 4 medium hard and thick like the Visco 8 Mattress, with a mattress core of HR 28 kilograms of density and 8 centimetres at 1 Viscoelastic face with Gel.

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Each person falls asleep in a way, so there is no perfect posture at bedtime, although it is recommended to sleep on your side or on your back. Spending many hours sleeping on your stomach is not very good for your back, since it does not rest in a natural position. Memory foam mattresses minimize this damage.

Or, for example, the Multielastic Visco Flex Mattress, is a firm mattress 4 out of 6. It is made up of a block of continuous thread springs, what we know as the Flex Multielástic system. Along with a 2 cm top layer. memory foam. This achieves good firmness and high adaptability.

Our tips on sleeping on your stomach

At Colchones.es we want you to sleep in the correct and adequate way for you. Therefore, it is best to sleep on a mattress of medium-firm firmness that forces us to move.

In order not to spend the whole night in the same position and in turn prevents us from moving excessively. Since, this will make us not fall asleep correctly.

The excessively firm mattresses force to move too much at night because they exert pressure points on our body. Mattresses that are too soft also have the drawback that they can cause a sinking sensation and prevent movement.

The body knows that if we were in the same position all night, the next morning we would wake up somewhat contracted or rigid. Therefore, in the slight unconscious awakenings that occur during sleep, the body seeks the most comfortable posture changes.

Generally, people who sleep on their stomachs do so a little lying on their side.

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And normally, placing the arm under the pillow. In this posture, the back and neck, as we said, are not in a natural position. And therefore in the medium term you can end up suffering back and neck pain.

To consider…

The best thing as we tell you is to change your posture at night and avoid pressure points as much as possible so that our rest is restorative. You do this with memory foam padded mattresses that combine high firmness with great adaptability. In our online store on Colchones.es you find a wide catalog of this type of mattresses, with the best price guaranteed.

You also have to consider the type of pillow. This is the most important thing if you sleep on your stomach!

Another important aspect that you must take into account when having a good rest is the pillow. It is important to choose a pillow that adapts well to the position of the body. If we sleep on our stomachs, a soft and thin pillow is convenient so that the cervicals do not bend excessively.

A good model is the Pikolin Petit Plus pillow, which despite being a pillow designed for children is fantastic for people who sleep on their stomach. In the link you can see its characteristics and composition.

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