How to Achieve the Perfect Smile

How to Achieve the Perfect Smile

Psychologists say that the simple act of smiling makes you seem friendlier and more receptive. In business, a great smile can go a long way. Since San Tan Valley, AZ is a quiet suburb, many of the available jobs are sales, customer service or client forward.

This fact makes San Tan smiles almost a job requirement. Unfortunately, not everyone is born with a straight smile. Although traditional dental work can keep your adult teeth healthy, it doesn’t fix crooked or misaligned teeth. You will need an orthodontist for that.

Braces have advanced a long way from the large metal grills they were before. There are new inconspicuous devices to straighten your teeth, and a straight smile can boost your self-esteem. With modern techniques, you choose from four different types that vary in cost and style.

Self-Ligating or Damon Braces

Self-ligating types also, called Damon braces, are made of metal. Instead of bulky contraptions, they offer a smaller, less visible alternative. These use a slide mechanism instead of rubber bands to hold the anchors in place.

They also require far fewer visits to the orthodontist. Self-ligating styles are generally less expensive than other forms and a bit more costly than traditional metal.

Lingual Braces

Lingual types are much like more traditional styles, with one exception. Instead of sitting on the visible surface of your teeth, they rest on the back or lingual side. These are a bit more maintenance than other types because of their position but offer an inconspicuous way to straighten your teeth. Lingual braces cost a bit more than the self-ligating and metal styles.

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Ceramic Braces

Ceramic braces are much like traditional metal types except the posts are clear, and the wires are the color of your teeth. This coloration makes them almost invisible unless you are looking for them. Ceramic appliances are more expensive than the other types due to the cost of the materials.


Invisalign treatments are an alternative to traditional wire type braces. An orthodontist takes an impression of your teeth and molds a plastic mouthpiece just for you. You wear these trays for the majority of the day, and they gradually straighten your teeth.

There are two drawbacks to Invisalign treatments. First, they require more dental visits. Second, you need to be committed to wearing the trays daily, or your treatment will fail. They are also a little more expensive than other treatments.

Each of these methods has benefits and drawbacks. You will need to choose the one that fits your lifestyle and your budget. Regardless of which style you choose, you will soon be on your way to a brilliant, straight smile.

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