Are Addictive Behaviors Disrupting Your Life?

Are Addictive Behaviors Disrupting Your Life?

An addiction problem can be very difficult for people to recognize and acknowledge. This is especially true for those who have had addictive tendencies for extended periods of time and for those who are trying to recognize addiction in others. However, there are several telling signs that destructive addictive behavior is present, and being able to recognize these can potentially save your life or someone else’s. Here are some signs that addictive behaviors are disrupting your, or a loved one’s, life.

Signs of Addictive Behavior

It can be hard to recognize a serious addiction problem sometimes, especially when the addictive substance is readily available. Alcohol and prescription medication addictions are huge offenders when it comes to realizing and accepting that a problem has developed over time. However, this realization could also involve addictions to many other types of drugs. Here are some signs that you are developing an addiction.

  • You start noticing withdrawal symptoms
  • You make consuming a substance your first priority
  • You start losing interest in things you enjoy
  • You start having problems at work or school
  • Sudden financial problems occur
  • You withdraw from friends and family

It is important to remember that not all of these signs need to be present for addiction to be present. Withdrawal symptoms can be a serious sign of dependency that can cause life threatening health complications depending on the drug. As a result, it is often necessary for addicts to undergo an alcohol or drug detox at a rehab center to reduce the risk of these symptoms from becoming life threatening. “Most of our clients don’t suffer from all signs of addiction, but recognize that they need to take care of their addiction before it controls more of their life”, says Mat Gorman, CEO at Briarwood Detox Center.

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Signs That Someone Else Has Addictive Behavior

Telling whether someone else has an addiction issue can be more difficult than you may think. However, it is possible to recognize addictive behavior in others. Here are some signs that someone that you know is struggling with an addiction.

-You notice that they have been withdrawn from you and other friends or family

-You can tell that their work/school performance has been worse

-You notice that they have been missing many social activities that they used to be there for

-They have been stealing

-They have been asking you, or other people, for money

-They have a criminal record that involves addictive substances

-You notice that they are frequently intoxicated

-Their living space is in disarray and/or is not clean

-You see evidence of dangerous drug use

You may notice some or all of these signs, but an addiction problem may or may not be present. Addiction is a very emotional subject, and it is important that you approach the subject carefully and with acceptance. An addict must want to get help to truly get better, so all that you can do is express your feelings and concerns along with listening to them. However, you should never push a conversation too far if they do not wish to participate, no matter how hard it might be.

Red Flags of a Serious Problem

Although addiction can be dangerous at any stage, there are some red flags to look for that suggest a potentially life threatening situation. The following are some deadly symptoms of both withdrawal and overdose. If you notice any of these in yourself or someone else then you should immediately seek medical attention.

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-Chest pain

-Shortness of breath

-Frequent and uncontrollable vomiting or diarrhea


-Difficult or slow breathing

-Low blood pressure


-Signs of a coma

-Cyanosis (blue skin)

-Increased heart rate



The above symptoms can be deadly, so it is important that you sct quickly when you notice the above signs. This is especially true if more than one symptom is present. Though experiencing these symptoms are a huge sign of a problem, there are some social signs that can point to serious addiction as well. Being homeless, stealing, and engaging in other crimes as a result of addiction can put an addict in danger. Getting arrested, being put in dangerous situations, and being around potentially dangerous people are often a consequence of these social red flags.

Ways You Can Get Help

Despite how bleak the future can appear, healthy sober living is always possible. There are numerous different types of rehab programs and resources available. These are entirely individualized and may include in or out patient care depending on the severity of the addiction and withdrawal symptoms that can occur. Having a strong and reliable support system, or providing one for a friend or a loved one, is key for a successful addiction recovery.


Addictive behaviors can really disrupt people’s lives. It can cause addicts to withdraw from friends and family, cause problems at work or school, and create illegal behaviors. Addiction can also cause life threatening overdoses and withdrawal symptoms. However, there are many options available to get back on track into sober life.

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