6 Ways to Spend More Time Outdoors in 2020

6 Ways to Spend More Time Outdoors in 2020

Against the backdrop of the recent lockdowns, and cherished than perhaps ever before. As well as it being safer to gather in groups outdoors than indoors during the Coronavirus pandemic, feeling the sun on your skin and enjoying the freedom of the great outdoors are fantastic for both the body and mind. Find the details on how you can spend time outdoors.

These six activities will help you spend time outdoors and reap all of the benefits of being out and about.

Getting outdoors

According to Mercy Medical Center, as of 2018, 42% of Americans were vitamin D deficient. This means they had not been exposed to enough sunlight as this is the main way the body produces vitamin D, although the substance can found in small quantities in milk and fatty fish. To make sure you don’t experience a vitamin D deficiency, try taking up a sport, go hiking or develop a new outdoor hobby.

1. Play a new sport

One way to ensure you spend time outdoors in 2020 is to join a sports club for a sport that is played outside in the fresh air. This could be soccer, golf, tennis or even just running. In 2017, around 19% of the US population played sports or exercised every day; this number could well be higher and if it was, far more Americans would be getting the time in the sun they need.

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2. Encourage family time outdoors

Encouraging your family to spend time outdoors on picnics or simply sitting out on the front porch for a chat will help draw you outside yourself. If there are garden parties, family dog walks or trips to the sea, you will be more motivated to join your relatives. This will increase your time spent outdoors and help you bond with loved ones.

3. Go on a road trip

Road trips are a fantastic way to get outside and breathe in the fresh air. Scooters, such as those available at bmgscooters.com, are an exciting and fast way to leave your local neighborhood behind and soak up some rays slightly further afield. Take food with you so that you can sit and eat in a field or by a river, as well as some battery-powered speakers to while away the hours.

4. Go for a hike

Hiking is a vigorous but enjoyable form of exercise that can be engaged in for free, especially if you live near mountainous terrain. Always remember to wear sunscreen if you are hiking, especially at high altitudes where the UV rays can be particularly strong.

5. Start painting

Perhaps the most peaceful of all outdoor activities, painting opens up new perspectives on your surroundings. Painting is remarkably good for the soul and will help you relax as well as encourage you to spend time in less polluted, more sparsely populated parts of your state.

6. Home improvements

Finally, why not partake in a spot of DIY? Get round to painting that garden fence you have been meaning to, or rope your children into helping you dig a pond. Activities such as these are brilliant to do together as a family, get important jobs done and force you to spend more time outside.

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