5 Modern Makeover Ideas to Become Your Best Self

5 Modern Makeover Ideas to Become Your Best Self

Cliché as they may be, sometimes teenage makeover movies have the right idea. Your individual appearance can change others’ impressions of you — and, more importantly, your perception of yourself. Before starting a new job, attending a new school, or moving to a new city, sometimes a makeover is just the thing you need for that extra confidence boost. Unsure of where to start, however? Here are five radical and not-so-radical changes you can make to feel like your best self.

1. Lifestyle Changes Makeover

Changing up your exercise, diet, or sleep patterns can have a significant impact on your quality of life. And the best thing about them? They can affect the way you feel physically and psychologically without a whole lot of financial or time commitment. Sometimes, all you need is a consistent running schedule, a full eight hours of sleep, or a few more veggies in your diet.

2. Non-Surgical Facial Sculpting

While plastic surgery was a big deal ten or twenty years ago, it’s no longer considered such an extreme method. For many, anything from lip-fillers to eyebrow tattoos are considered routine. Finding the right service can be tricky, but places like Lumen and Bevel do their best to make the process accessible and understandable.

3. Hair and Skin Changes

Every dreamed about dying your hair a wild color? Or do you have a tattoo design all mapped out in your notebooks, having sat there for years? Hair changes, tattoos, piercings, and even nail colors can make you feel like an entirely new person. The makeovers of teenagers in movies like Aquamarine are past — there’s no harm in committing to full-bodied magenta hair or a dramatic pixie cut.

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4. Finding a Skincare Makeover Routine

The secret to perfect skin isn’t necessarily as complicated as it seems. Plenty of informative articles exist on the Internet, and plenty of dermatologists are waiting to help you in real life. Whether you’re interest in toners, serums, spot treatment, or cleansers, there’s certainly room for you to figure out a routine that’s best for your lifestyle. It’s not vanity; it’s self-care.

5. Makeover Your Wardrobe

This doesn’t necessarily have to be an expensive undertaking — a day spent at secondhand stores can lead to a variety of fun, funky new pieces to spice up our wardrobe. Look for local thrift stores in your area, or even swing by your favorite boutique in the city nearby. The best clothing will make you feel confident and excited for the future.

While embarking on a makeover journey may seem daunting, the potential rewards are numerous. Everyone needs to feel different occasionally; the trick is to marry your new visual appearance with positive new behavioral changes, too. When you look good on the outside, sometimes it’s easier to re-focus your efforts toward feeling good on the inside, as well. Whether you’re ready to take the drastic step by tweaking the structure of your face or you’d rather just hit up a few thrift stores on a Saturday, you need to figure out what you need to feel your best. Best of luck on this journey — you deserve to become your best self.

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