How to Contribute to the Mental Health Revolution

How to Contribute to the Mental Health Revolution

In recent years, the taboo that shrouded conversations and action regarding mental health has been carefully prized from our society. More and more people — including prominent celebrities — have become comfortable sharing their anxiety, depression, and other mental health disorders, helping people across the world feel more at ease talking about their issues. 

If you’re someone who has an intimate relationship with mental health and well-being, this is a revolution to be a part of. Here’s how you can get involved in one of the most positive developments in recent years.

Getting Therapy

If you’ve always considered therapy to be a step beyond what you’re comfortable with, and yet you feel you have unresolved issues, 2020 might be the year you should take a leap of faith into the treatment. Not only is therapy proven in countless medical studies to be great for your mental health and emotional well-being, but once you begin therapy, you’ll be able to share your take on it with your friends and family, encouraging those who have been hesitant for some time too.

Sharing and Caring

Another way to position yourself at the forefront of the mental health revolution is to ensure that you’re always checking in with those around you. Make sure that you’re asking your friends and family how they feel, and if they’re struggling, especially in the context of this year’s COVID crisis and the resultant burden it has placed on mental health. You should also try to be a little bolder in sharing your feelings and experiences; after all, if you want to break the mental health taboo around you, it’ll take your participation in sharing as well as asking others to share around you.

Studying for a Course

If you’re a strong believer in the mental health revolution, and you feel that therapy and counseling are helping thousands — perhaps millions — of people around you each year, then what could be a better vocation than becoming one yourself? 

By enrolling in a course like the NEC MS in Clinical Mental Health Counseling, you’ll be able to learn the skills necessary to start a career helping people to look at and solve their problems in a different way, making lives brighter and more exciting as a result. Plus, such a course is endlessly fascinating and is one of the most do-good-feel-good vocations in the world. 

Acts and Gestures

Sometimes, you don’t need to have a deep conversation and a heart to heart to be addressing mental health and well-being. Indeed, with the majority of people you know, it might be inappropriate to ask them right away how their mental health is holding up. Instead, small gestures of care and thoughtfulness can go a long way to show that you’re able to support the people around you, whether it’s a call to someone you know who is lonely, or a smile on the street to your neighbors.

There you have it: four ways you can contribute to the mental health revolution in 2020 and into the future.

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