Four In-Demand Jobs in the Cannabis Industry

Four In-Demand Jobs in the Cannabis Industry

The legal cannabis industry is booming, and many sectors are seeking educated professionals to fill positions. The industry is expected to add 410,000 jobs this year within the United States alone. Compliance is essential throughout the industry since cannabis is still in the process of becoming fully legal, both recreational and medicinally. There are tons of opportunities within the industry for those who are educated on the medicinal properties and legalities of cannabis.

Jobs are available in every field, from web development for a cannabis company to the host of a cannabis tasting room. Here are four great options for those seeking job security and the cannabis roles that are high in demand.

Compliance manager

A compliance manager is essential to all businesses and companies operating in the cannabis industry. A compliance manager’s role is to ensure that the business always remains compliant with the legalities of cannabis. It includes conducting regular audits, the development and maintenance of policies and procedures, investigation of compliance concerns, and implementing new rules when there are changes in regulations. To become a compliance manager, you will need to enroll in a Cannabis Control Certificate Program, and you can expect to make an average salary of about $62,500.

Director of cultivation

A director of cultivation is an agricultural position that involves overseeing an entire grow operation. The position is very high in demand since it requires experience to perform successfully. You will need to have both practical cultivation and cannabis growing expertise, plus cannabis education, to be considered for this role. While it may not be an entry-level position, many people beginning their path in the industry are working towards becoming a director of cultivation. It’s a very demanding job, but you can expect to make an average of $87,000.

Delivery drivers

If you’re looking for an entry-level position in the cannabis industry that is very high in demand, you may want to consider becoming a delivery driver. To pursue this route, you will need to be of legal age and adhere to strict compliance rules. Attention to detail is of utmost importance, too, since all shipments are heavily tracked and counted. You can make more as a delivery driver for the cannabis industry than a typical delivery driver’s salary. The average salary is about $37,287.

Sales representatives

For every cannabis product on the market, there is a sales representative needed to sell it. Sales reps in the cannabis industry are always in high demand since most of the time they work off commission. That means companies don’t have to pay a set salary and can hire as many reps as they want. The job role involves pitching cannabis products to potential retailers and dispensaries in the hopes they will choose to stock the product. If they do, the sales rep gets a percentage. While each company will vary, you can typically make about 10% in sales commission, with an average of between $60,000 – $70,000 annually for high performers.  

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