Paint: Encourage Your Child To Paint With Paint By Numbers

Paint: Encourage Your Child To Paint With Paint By Numbers

Art is extremely helpful in enhancing cognitive and physical development of a child. Arts can play a very powerful role in a child’s healthy development and positively impacts the mental and physical abilities of youngsters. Although arts can be beneficial to anyone at any given stage of life, the best time to reap maximum benefits from it is the early years of life, as a young fellow. At this time, the brain is like a porous rock which will easily absorb all the knowledge and will retain it for years to come. But being good and creative at arts isn’t every child’s cup of tea, that doesn’t mean one should stay away from exploring it. Abstract paint by numbers, animal paint by numbers or paint by numbers for children are a great way to initiate this process of art exploration.

Paint by numbers is an effective and sure shot way to make your child love painting. If the young lad or lass is not so good at painting, drawing, mixing colors etc then paint by numbers can be the perfect starter for this. Coloring the numbers with the corresponding paint in the pods can bring the canvas to life and with that the confidence in your kid. As the kids fill the numbers with the correct colors you and your child will be amazed with the outcome and then there will be no stopping.

The sparse, lackluster, dull and dreary canvas will become a work of art by just following simple steps and the end result will boost the confidence of the kid and swell your chest with pride. Hanging these paintings on the walls of your home will be a constant reminder for the youngster that anything is possible and it saves a ton of money that you would have spent on buying artwork for your walls. Paint by numbers online and as well as in stores come in diversified sizes, complexities, forms and resources; choose the one most suitable for your love.

Benefits of Painting

Before telling how to encourage your child to paint with paint by numbers or free hand, one must understand the numerous benefits and advantages of it. Painting can open up the artistic minds of the children facilitating their creative juices to flow freely. Stimulating the hidden and suppressed vision and tugging onto the artist in every child is very important. Playing with colors, mixing them and forming new colors can be a very heartwarming experience for any young one stepping into the world of painting. Although in paint by numbers kits, there isn’t much room for imagination and color mixing but it’s still great for beginners and it gives them the perfect start with an exceptional result that will soar their imagination.

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Doing free hand drawing and then painting it solely with imagination can be overwhelming for any beginner and if the outcome isn’t very impressive, it can lead to a total abandonment of the art work altogether. In order to save your child from that, try out abstract paint by numbers or even simpler kids paint by numbers kits to slowly introduce painting to their world and then followed by more complex ones to truly bring out their skills and interests.

Painting is a well-known, tried and tested medium used by many great artists from centuries to express their feelings, emotions and has been a blatant reflection of their true state of mind. The colors used by the child, how much pressure he puts on the brush, how many coats he does and how tidy the painting is all a replication of the child’s mind. Having a close look and you can know a great deal about your loved one. Painting can be very therapeutic for children who have faced trauma in their lives as it becomes their go to let out vessel.

Staring out at an early stage can contribute to an amazing hand-eye coordination which will always be useful to the kid. Both hands and mind work together to stay in the lines and it fleshes out the scope for an optimal mental and physical development. It also helps the mind to focus on trivial details, learn about varied shapes, sizes amalgamation of colors and how they come together with each. It also improves their aesthetic sense and when something goes wrong they come up with solutions which will always be helpful in life.

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How to Encourage Your Child to Start Painting?

Not every child is a born artist and has an innate and instinctive pull toward painting and arts. Parents have to create opportunities for them and have to make efforts to develop their interest in it. Don’t go by the book, a canvas is a great base for painting but can overwhelm a novice, start out with mediums which are interesting to the kid. A painting book with images on it, taking small rocks from the garden, painting them, painting balloons to learn color mixing or paint on the face are all good ways to introduce painting.

Youngsters are shy away from painting as they think the result will be embarrassing; make sure no one is there to judge their hard work. Give them a free hand or paint by numbers kit like abstract paint by numbers and let them follow the rules and come up with a beautiful piece of art. Give them the space, time and the free hand to truly unleash their artistic mind.

Provide them with images or paint by numbers kits they can truly relate with, like their favorite cartoon character, flower, car, animal or place. Poke their interests with some meaningful reason for which they truly want to spend time in painting. Like making a birthday banner, making a postcard for their favorite relative, painting a sheet to wrap a gift for a friend.

Last but certainly not the least, let them be messy, let them make mistakes, let them explore and learn from their own mistakes. Making all their senses appeal will work very well for the child and trust me it will all be worth it. Painting is a trusted way of many for a healthy development of young ones mind and body and parents must introduce and provide kids with opportunities that let them explore any form of art.

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