Home: Ideas To Give Your Home An Elegant And Classy Look

Home: Ideas To Give Your Home An Elegant And Classy Look

Elegance has a different meaning for each individual, we can’t pin point at one style being classy and elegant and others drab and dingy. Everyone has their own definition of elegance and style, it’s a subjective thing. Any place that reflects your style and reminiscent of your taste is elegant for you. However there are some things one must keep in mind that always work when we think about a graceful and sophisticated home. The home furnishings, the accessories, the upholstery, the light fittings and the paint done on your walls all come together to make any home elegant, classy, graceful and tasteful.

In order to make your home a true example of elegance, one must start from the main place, which according to me is the living room. If this room is done well then it sets a tone of your home and you can easily go forward from there. Revamping your décor can be pretty heavy on the pocket, especially if you want your home to look vintage and classic. But don’t fret, we have your back as we have come up with 7 ways that can make your home look like a celebrity home or designed by a luxury designer from a high-end magazine. By using accent pieces like revival furniture, wall art, eccentric accessories, oriental rugs and decorative pillow covers we can give any room or the whole home an elegant makeover.

Even if your ideas are royal and regal with the likes of vintage dressing tables, ottomans and Persian rugs and the budget is like walking on a tightrope. We still have ideas that resonate with classic styles and vintage tastes but they won’t burn a big fat hole in your bank account. According to me this should be the way when you want to revamp any room. Be creative and innovative with your décor, don’t follow the pre-set rules, spending a lot doesn’t always result in the desired outcome. The décor may become monotonous, uninteresting and repetitive. But if you style with your definition of elegant it will fall into the budget and will be different, original, interesting and innovative.

Homeowners often get bored with the same old décor over the years and want to spruce it up, every now and then. If you spend a fortune on the décor then it will be hard to part ways with it and then you’ll end up hating it. Spending less doesn’t mean the décor will not be classy; here we have some amazing budget-friendly ways, which are timeless and elegant, incorporate them in your décor and take pride in them.

  1. Simplicity Is The Way
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The very first step toward a classy, elegant and graceful home is that it should be decorated with simplicity written all over it. Keep a minimalistic approach, avoid clutter and over accessorizing, don’t complicate things. Clutter is the biggest enemy of classy homes, remotes, bills, shopping catalogues, laptop, wires all add up to make the room look messy and disorganized. Keep your daily usable wisely, keep remotes in a wicker basket, wiring should be concealed, magazines must be kept in a holder and bills should be on the counter. Following this minimalistic approach will make your home feel timeless in no time (pun intended).

  1. Add Timeless Appeal with Textiles

Combining different textiles in your décor brings excitement and visual interest to any space. It also makes your room look custom made and well-thought out, if you use one kind of textile all over it will look drab and uninteresting. Play with textiles; upholster chairs, stools, sofas, ottoman and other home furnishings, with keeping the same color palette but different textured textiles. Go for oriental rugs to bring that stroke of class to your décor or use a throw over a plain sofa to stir up the curiosity. Incorporating unique textiles in your décor shows your unique style and your courage to push limits to create something new.

  1. Bare walls are blah!

Always make sure that every room has a focal point which innately draws the eyes towards itself. The best and the most affordable way to accomplish is wall art décor. Be it a family picture collage, a life size single piece, a unique painting, a meaningful calligraphy or any eccentric wall décor you find interesting. Just be sure that it is of the right size and is compatible with the scale of the room and eye level. Walls which have been given love and attention by the home makers repay by looking chic and high-class.

  1. Lighting Must Be Right
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A well lit room is always a plus point for any room or home. Natural light accentuates every décor and accessory you have placed and it also makes the home feel open and welcoming, which is the key for any elegant home. At night, the right kind of light at the key points will elevate the whole look and if you have any white light in your house, strip it down; an elegant home has yellow lights which makes everything look amazing. Place lamps, insert spotlights, foot lamps and other interesting chandeliers to make the whole look feel classy and chic. Another plus point about lighting is that it is quite inexpensive so splurge on it.

  1. Add Antiques to Your Décor

A statement vintage piece is another way to add a touch of luxury and class to your home. Antiques are always a good option if you want to give your home furnishing a hint of history and heritage. Buying antiques doesn’t mean opting for expensive pieces; keep your eyes open for thrift stores, yard sales, backyard sales and antique shops in deep alleys to find unique and interesting pieces.

  1. Insert a French Door

A true symbol of an elegant home is a classic French door insertion. A perfect divider between two rooms serves as a window and door and looks oh so perfect in a well-designed setting.

  1. Accessories Astutely

Accessories are a great way to make the décor look chic, luxe and luxurious. Put gold mirrors on the walls in gold to give the perfect classy feels. Any place which looks flat and drab, add some height and drama with accessories.

Your home is your reflection and you should decorate like that. Don’t hold back and let your creativity flow. Things come together when done with love and a little bit of knowledge.

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