Lawn Care Experts Explain Health Benefits of Having a Garden

Lawn Care Experts Explain Health Benefits of Having a Garden

In this time of a pandemic, it is important that we remain at home and limit our interactions with people outside to prevent ourselves and our loved ones from getting sick. Those at home, however, may find themselves at their wits’ end finding new things to do given the limited space. One hobby that can provide us escape and giving us a glimpse of nature while staying at home is gardening. Aside from being a hobby however, having a home garden also comes with some health benefits that are not known to many. Go ahead to know about lawn care.

Studies have shown that being surrounded by and working on a lot of greenery effectively reduce one’s stress. In a recent study done by CNN, participants were asked to do a stressful task and after which were given a choice between gardening and reading. Those who opt to do gardening were observed to have overall better mood, with their blood tests registering to have lower cortisol or the stress hormone. This means that, while gardening is a form of physical task, it can be enjoyable and can relieve one’s stress after a long day of doing stressful work.

Aside from relieving stress in the short term, tending to one’s garden has also been proven to reduce the risk of dementia by as much as 36 percent. A recent research has concluded from a pool of almost 3000 participants spanning ages of 20 to 60 that those who perform physical activities such as gardening regularly, had lower tendencies of developing dementia in the later years.

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When a person tends to his garden, he will most likely be exposed to sunlight for some period. Scientists that performed a study in Italy in 2014 which was published in the National Institutes of Health Sciences concluded that adequate exposure to sunlight helped individuals gain steady levels of Vitamin D. This vitamin is essential to increase calcium levels which builds bones and the body’s immune system. Gardeners must also keep in mind though that prolonged exposure without rest can lead to sunburn if they do not apply the appropriate sunscreen.

Aside from providing physical benefits to our body, the lawn care can also help with our mental well-being. Community gardens can give great socializing opportunities for the elderly members of a community to bond, collaborate on gardening tasks, and share goals in growing fresh produce. In turn, participants are less likely to become lonely thanks to the chances that gardening provides them. The sense of accomplishment in successfully growing plants can also bring joy to them as they are given something to look forward to in the future.

On the surface, gardening as a hobby may seem simply to pass time to get a beautiful garden. If we look closer, however, we can discover a whole lot of health benefits that gardening can provide. They may not be apparent at first, but as time goes by, those who engage in gardening will surely reap the health benefits of this wondrous hobby. Those interested in who would like to begin the first few steps in having a home garden can check out Schwartz Brothers Landscape Co, a landscaping and lawn care service company dedicated to provide the best in home garden support in your area.

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