Bonding with Your Child: 5 Great Ideas

Bonding with Your Child: 5 Great Ideas

Parenting a child is the ultimate exercise in multi-tasking. You are responsible for looking after their physical and mental health, supporting them in their education, and helping them to become the best versions of themselves. With so much pressure and expectation on both parent and child, it can be difficult to find quality time for bonding with Your Child and enjoy each other’s company. Wouldn’t it be wonderful to slow the pace of family life and nurture their precious and unique personality?

If you want to spend quality time bonding with your child, here are five great activity ideas to consider.

1. Create something together

Designing and creating something which you can keep forever is a great way to spend time with your child. You could paint pottery, make a quilt, knit some scarves, or anything else which takes your fancy. The point is that you will be focusing and collaborating on the same task which will give you opportunities to talk and relax in each other’s company, as well as ending up with something tangible to remind you of the special time you spent together. Why not visit a craft shop London together and choose a project which appeals to both of you?

2. Read a novel together

Studies have shown that reading a book to your child can not only help them from a cognitive and educational point of view, but it also creates a private bubble of intimacy and imagination for the two of you. With so much technology on offer, it can be hard to get a child’s undivided attention, but when you read them a story and ask them what they think about characters or what might happen, they are 100% with you. It gives you an insight into how your child sees the world and can prompt important conversations which help you understand each other.

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3. Explore nature together

When the weather allows, take the opportunity to get outside and explore the natural world. You could go for a walk, in nearby woodland, a beach, climb a mountain, or travel to a famous natural landscape. This will give you time away from other people and technology to discuss what you discover in nature and help to give them an appreciation of and respect for the planet.

4. Have a ‘fun’ date once a month

This is important if you have more than one child. Make a point of spending one-on-one time with each of your children every month. You could go for ice cream or dinner, but it is your chance to give them your undivided attention. It should not be a time to nag them or force your own agenda, let them direct the conversation and make it as lighthearted as you can. Remind them that you can be fun and that you were a goofy child too once, it will help your bonding with your child to strengthen.

5. Teach them something fun

Rather than teaching your child how to clean their room or helping them with their homework, teach them something fun which will help them in life. You could bake a cake, build a doll’s house, plant flowers or vegetables, cook dinner for the rest of the family. Even if it does not go well, you are sure to have fun, and they may even discover a passion.

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