4 Tips to Help Your Hair Grow Out Beautifully

4 Tips to Help Your Hair Grow Out Beautifully

No matter what your age or season of life, you might want to change things up and grow your hair out occasionally. Whether it’s from a pixie to a bob or from a bob to BSL (bra strap length), change is fun. It’s also good for your style and can give your confidence a boost. Since hair grows slowly, the waiting can be the hardest part. What to do? Here are some tips to make the transition easier.

1. Get Trims

Even though experts disagree as to whether hair trims actually make your hair grow faster, one thing you can be sure of: If you’re going for long, luscious locks, frequent trims are necessary. With the prevalence of heat tool use, split ends and dryness are almost impossible to avoid, and the frayed ends will cause your hair to break even further up the strand, making your hair look thinner and limiting its ability to grow past a certain point. Ask your stylist every three months or so for a “dusting,” which is taking just an eighth of an inch off.

2. Invest in Style

Headbands, clips, and wraps are a miracle for growing-out hair. If you hit an awkward stage or have an unmanageable morning, try an accessory or two. If you’re stumped, go on YouTube and find someone who has similar hair length and style to yours. Looking for a solution that’ll give you a generous increase in length in just a few hours? Check out hair extensions white plains NY for gorgeous options.

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3. Take Care of Your Scalp

Paying attention to your scalp is crucial if you’re serious about growing your hair. When you attend to your scalp, you’re making sure that blood and nutrients flow into the hair follicle unimpeded, which will make a real difference in shedding and loss. Consider investing in a scalp serum, oil, or mask, sticking to cream or oil-based masks.

4. Try a Hair Growth Supplement

Be aware if you’re following a balanced diet that contains vitamins A, C, D, and E, plus biotin and folate. If that’s not the case or you’re in a period of intense stress, you may need an extra boost. Consult your health practitioner to make sure you’re considering a supplement that is the right dosage and type, and that doesn’t interact with current medications.

Growing your hair out is a process that takes patience. Try these suggestions to make it easier!

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