Using God’s Provisions For a Clean & Positive Home

Using God’s Provisions For a Clean & Positive Home

Essential oils go back as far as Genesis in the Bible and are sprinkled all throughout it and the history of mankind. From Ezekiel to Revelation, the leaves of the trees are said to be for the “healing of the nations.” How wonderful that we have access to these oils to use on a daily basis. There are so many available for every possible need or sickness. It’s important to find pure oils that are safe for distilling, applying, and even ingesting. They are a wonderful way to keep our homes clean, our spirits elevated, and our souls calm while connecting us to God and nature. In this article, you will learn using god’s provisions for a clean & positive home.

Clean and Healthy Home

There are many oils that are considered anti-bacterial and anti-viral. In Biblical days when Moses directed Aaron to burn incense to stop the plague created from the wrath of God, ‘he stood between the living and the dead’ with what’s believed were 3 varieties of cinnamon. This particular component is known for its extremely anti-infectious quality, and it worked!

In the 15th Century, grave robbers used a combination of antimicrobial oils to protect them from the bubonic plague. Their blend included cinnamon, cloves, lemon, rosemary, and Eucalyptus. So it’s pretty safe to say that cleaning with the right essential oils helps keep your home clean and aids in keeping germs at bay. Not to mention the added bonus of making it smell beautiful.

Happy Family

Diffusers are great ways to get the right oil for the right mood out into the air for everyone’s benefit. Uplifting oils like lemon, grapefruit, orange, and ylang-ylang are great for generating a positive and creative environment. Frankincense and Blue Tansy are wonderful for establishing self-esteem, improving attitude, and promoting balance when things just don’t seem to be going right. Peppermint stimulates the mind and cleans the air for a fresh and happy positive home. Diffusers work great in bedrooms, bathrooms, living rooms, and offices. They are a convenient way to gently change the mood of the house depending on what’s going on and who is coming over.

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Peaceful Moments

Of course, Frankincense is one of those amazing essential oils found all over the Bible and for good reason. It has a wonderful scent and works perfectly for when you want to reflect and pray because it enhances your focus and lifts your spirits at the same time. It also boosts immunity, fights depression, and reduces pain.

Lavender is always the go-to when calm is required whether for sleeping or just to quiet the house down after a busy day. Valerian, Blue Tansy, and vanilla are also wonderful quieting and sleep-inducing oils. Look for great ways to introduce them like:

  • Nightly Foot massages
  • Soothing baths before bed
  • Calming pillow sprays
  • Fragrantly laundered sheets

Getting closer to what chemically works best with our make-up like using essential oils is Biblically-based. These natural treasures that have the power to protect us from germs, make us feel happier, and gently put us to sleep are wonderful gifts that we should definitely tap into and try to incorporate into our daily lives.

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