Mistakes To Avoid While Testing Blood Sugar Level At Home

Mistakes To Avoid While Testing Blood Sugar Level At Home

Diabetic is a long-term disease and can happen in every age-group. If you are a diabetic, then you should regularly check the blood sugar levels either at home or in the lab. It will help you keep track of your blood sugar and get the right treatment at the right time. Testing Blood Sugar Level is most convenient for old-age people. However, you would need to learn the correct procedure for checking the blood sugar level to get accurate results.

We have listed a few common mistakes people make while checking their blood sugar levels at home.


This is an essential step and should not miss at any cost. Always sanitize your fingers before pricking. Sanitizing will ensure, the area to be pricked is clean and free from germs, bacteria, and body oil. It will also prevent any infections from happening. However, most people immediately prick their fingers after sanitizing that can give you incorrect results. Wait for some time until the alcohol evaporates before pricking your finger.

Pricking the Same Finger

It is one of the most common mistakes made by checking blood sugar at home. Most people use the same finger to prick again, and again that can cause calluses. You must use other fingers to prick and leave the finger you pricked before to rest. Give enough time to your finger to heal before pricking again. So, switch fingers while checking your blood sugar level at home.

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Fingertip Test

Many people take the blood or prick where the nerves are located in their fingers. Pricking at this spot can be very painful, making you feel afraid before testing your blood sugar again. The best painless method to check blood sugar is by putting your hand together. Then, placing your palm flat along with your fingertips pressed together. Now, your edges are visible where you can prick to take blood samples. This process will cause less pain than pricking on the nerves.

Inaccurate Testing Time

Most people are either unaware or don’t keep track of the time for testing. These people check their blood sugar too soon after taking a meal that may lead to incorrect reading with too high sugar levels. This reading will make you feel more anxious, which results in a person taking the wrong medications. If you have eaten recently, you must wait for two hours before checking your blood sugar level. This process will help you get accurate results.

Misuse of Testing Kit

If you wish to get accurate results, you should use the right testing strips and lancets. You should avoid reusing lancet devices as it can get dull by overusing. And will cause pain while pricking your finger. Hence, change the lancing device after every use. To get accurate results, you should use the testing strips which have not expired and are stored properly. Also, don’t reuse the same testing strip after use.

Incorrect Day, Time setup

To get accurate blood sugar results, you would need to use a meter. Meter is an essential tool that helps to determine your sugar level. If you are testing your blood sugar level at home, you should keep a watch on your meter, whether it is properly working. You should always check the time and day on your meter, and if it shows incorrect, you can reset the correct date and time to help you get accurate reports.

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Testing without Knowledge

If you want to get accurate blood sugar levels at home, understand the device you are using before checking your sugar level. Testing the sugar level without understanding how the device works will make you feel confused. You can either ask your doctor for help or check the device’s instructions to better understand the results. Make sure to note down your results after every test conducted by you at home and ask your doctor for a better understanding.

Testing Dehydrated

If you are testing your sugar level while dehydrated, you will notice a spike or rise in your sugar level. Drink a minimum of eight too ten glass of water daily to manage the glucose level in your body. It will help you get the correct results of the sugar level found in your blood. Avoid testing while you are dehydrated or not have had enough water in the day.

Testing Blood Sugar Level at Home

Monitoring the sugar level at home can save you from significant severe. But, inadequate knowledge will lead to getting wrong and inaccurate test results. So, avoid these mistakes before testing your blood to check the sugar level at home. Moreover, in diabetics, the medication is also significant. If you or your old parents suffer from diabetics, you can choose CBD oil from thecbggear.com. It can help you control diabetic conditions such as inflammation, high blood pressure, anxiety, body pain, etc.

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