Why You Might Want To Try Dermaplaning and How You Can Prepare for the Treatment

Why You Might Want To Try Dermaplaning and How You Can Prepare for the Treatment

While you might have thought you were the only one, dealing with excess peach fuzz and other unwanted facial hair is actually surprisingly common. Up until now, the typical option has been to shave with a blunt razor intended for the body, to pluck out individual hairs with tweezers in a highly time-consuming venture or to resort to more painful methods like waxing. You don’t have to put yourself through those options to get a smoother face, however. Instead, you could try dermaplaning Long Island NY to get rid of the frustrating fuzz and get you the soft complexion you want. Here’s what you need to know in order to prep for your first dermaplaning experience.

It Could Have Surprising Acne Benefits and Other Side Benefits

The primary reason most people go in for a dermaplaning session is to get rid of hair, but the treatment can also have a number of other surprising side benefits. Because the treatment essentially helps to exfoliate your skin by using a blade to take off peach fuzz, it can also get rid of dead skin cells that have been clogging up your pores. This means a dermaplaning session could actually help prevent breakouts! Be aware, however, that if you have active acne at the moment, you’ll have to wait for it to clear up before heading in for treatment .

It’s Not Quite Shaving, and Professionals Perform It

It might sound like dermaplaning is just a fancy term for shaving, but this is actually not the case. Rather, it’s much more detailed, involved and there are more safety precautions in place. Part of this explains why generally, it’s best to go to a professional for the treatment, especially because it does involve the use of very sharp tools that might be best handled by someone who already has experience in using them wrinkle creams.

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There’s Actually No Pain or Downtime

If you’re apprehensive because the treatment sounds painful, it’s important to note that when done right, there should be no pain. Additionally, you won’t need downtime afterward, so you can get right back to applying makeup and heading to the office!visit here

Although this might be your first time hearing about it, dermaplaning provides a highly practical solution to a surprisingly common problem. If you’re tired of having to shave or wax to clear facial hair from your skin, you might want to give this unique method a try for a softer, smoother complexion. Use this guide to prep for your first-ever dermaplaning experience, and you’ll be ready to get your smoothest look yet.

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