Answering All Your Questions on Health Screening in Singapore

Answering All Your Questions on Health Screening in Singapore

Do you take care of your health properly? In our busy lives, it is easy to forget about our health. But as the saying goes, “health is wealth”. It is easy to neglect the fact that once health is gone, it will never come back. A health screening in Singapore is necessary to make sure you are healthy and fit.

Sometimes the symptoms of severe disease may not appear until it is too late. Regular health screening can facilitate early detection and reduce serious complications in the future.

What is a health screening?

In a health screening, you can choose the types of test you wish to undergo. These tests range from blood tests to ultrasounds, mammograms and treadmill tests. It serves as a precaution to find out if you suffer from any dormant medical conditions.

Test results will tell you if there is any conditions or markers that you should take note of. In the case that you discover an underlying disease in a health screening, you will be able to take early steps to prevent the disease from worsening uncontrollably.

Why do I need a health screening?

Sometimes, diseases do not show any symptoms. Other times, they do not show symptoms until it is too late. Health screenings act as a preventative measure that checks for risk factors for certain diseases like heart disease or diabetes.

By monitoring your health constantly, you will better be able to take care of your health and prevent serious complications from surfacing suddenly.

When should I start health screening?

This depends on the medical history of your family. If your family has a record of cancer or any other fatal illness, it is best to start health screening early to screen for risk factors that contribute to these diseases.

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However, if there is no such condition in your family, then you may consult your own doctors on the best age to start health screening.

Why do I need to go consistently go for health screening at the recommended frequencies?

When you are going through a health screening in a certain year, your test result will pick up the disease at that moment. However, this does not promise that a condition would not surface the following year.

It is necessary to adhere to health screening frequencies to ensure that you can detect any disease as early as possible and reduce the risk of severe complications.

If a patient is asymptomatic, would the discovery of disease increase his stress level?

While the discovery of disease can be nerve-wracking, regular health screenings increase the chances that the condition can be detected at an early stage, before it gets serious. Often times, early detection increases the options of treatments for the patient and the probability of better outcomes. Hence, patients are usually grateful for early detection.

How do I know which health screening package is right for me?

There are many health screening packages out there. It is important to select a suitable screening package by considering several factors such as your current health, your age, and your family medical history.

What should I expect during the health screening process?

When you make your first appointment, the clinic staff will discuss the suitable packages of health Screening in Singapore with the patient.

You will then go through a series of tests that may include:

  • Full-body physical examination
  • Ultrasound
  • X-Rays
  • Eye Examination
  • Blood Test
  • Urine and Stool Test
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After the health Screening in Singapore, your health screening report will be ready in a few days. After collecting the report, you should go through it with your doctor and he will advise you on the necessary steps forward to take care of your health.

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