How to Prevent Pins and Needles When Working at Home

How to Prevent Pins and Needles When Working at Home

More and more people are working at home regularly as a result of the coronavirus pandemic. The hidden cost of this move for a lot of people is adjusting to new and uncomfortable chairs, or working while lying in bed, or not having to walk to and from meeting rooms, often resulting in unexpected bodily pains. One strange sensation that can occur when a part of your body has been in the same position too long is pins and needles, which can feel one of your appendages has simply fallen asleep. While the cures are well-known, such as taking the pressure off and either wiggling your toes or unclenching your fists, it’s often a better approach to focus on prevention instead, especially if you find that it has become a permanent problem. Here are four ways to prevent pins and needles from happening.

Remember To Stand Up

Standing up and walking a few paces around the apartment once or twice an hour is essential to stop parts of your body from falling asleep. By sitting in the same position for too long, your body may simply just turn off without you even noticing. That’s why you should try and get in around 250 steps an hour at home in order to increase your blood circulation, as well as go for a proper walk outside the house at least once a day. If you get a piece of wearable tech, then you won’t even have to remember to stand up as it will be able to remind you automatically!

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Stretch Regularly

Stretching is another fantastic way to make sure that your joints are working in the way that they are supposed to. Make sure to stretch every part of your body, especially your feet, toes, legs, hands, arms and fingers. If you need help in stretching, then you can always make use of Stretch Affect assisted stretching services that can give equipment and inspiration for moving blood circulation around.

Get a Massage

If pins and needles feels like a persistent problem, then perhaps it’s worth getting a professional masseuse to ease those pains. You can ask them to focus on the areas that you feel tensing up, increasing blood flow, relaxing the muscles and potentially preventing the problem from happening again. While you may not be able to visit a masseuse at this present moment, one option is to ask your partner or a friend to do a massage for you!

Sleep Properly

One of the reasons why you may be getting pins and needles on a regular basis is that you aren’t getting enough sleep. Sleep is extremely important when it comes to having a fully-functioning body with great blood circulation. It is recommended to try and get to sleep much earlier each night so then you will be able to have a long and full sleep, not only making you more ready for work, but also have far more relaxed muscles as a result.

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