5 Tips for Hiring Restaurant Remodel Contractors

5 Tips for Hiring Restaurant Remodel Contractors

As guests enter your restaurant, their first impression of your establishment is the overall environment. When people go out to eat, they want to eat delicious food while also enjoying the ambiance of your establishment. As a restaurant owner, it’s your job to provide both. If your business has been slowing down, a good way to recreate excitement is to hire a restaurant remodel contractor and liven up the place.

A restaurant remodel contractor like Robert Hakes Construction can assist you in creating the look that puts your restaurant on the map. When you’re ready to take that next step, you’ll want to find a restaurant remodel contractor that understands your unique vision and can create a plan to bring it to life. Here are a few tips to help you find the perfect restaurant remodel contractor.

  1. Ask Around

One of the easiest ways to find the right restaurant remodel contractor is by asking around. People who have worked with companies they’re happy with and trust will be glad to pass along their information. You can start by asking people that you know personally, but don’t stop there. If you’ve been to restaurants where the environment is similar to how you’d like your own restaurant to look, try asking them who did their construction. Seeing the work in-person is a great way to get a feel for what the company is capable of.

Another way to get input from others is to check online resources. Review sites and suggestion websites, such as Angie’s List, can help you to determine how well-liked a company is in the community. They can provide you with first-hand accounts while not having to speak to anyone directly. When you choose this way to get information, do so with caution. Though you shouldn’t base your entire choice off of the reviews of others, they can often help to lead you in the right direction.

  1. Find a Contractor Who Does Commercial Work

When it comes to finding a restaurant remodel contractor, you’ll want to be specific. Not all contractors have experience doing the kind of work you’ll need done. You wouldn’t want a company that specializes in home renovations to do your restaurant remodel. For this reason, you’ll want to do some investigating into their past experience before settling on a company to do your work.

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If you’re looking for a good restaurant remodel contractor, you’ll want to start by finding a company that specializes in commercial services. That will be a good indicator that they’ve likely worked on projects similar to yours. Though finding a company that does commercial work can be reassuring, commercial services can include work done on office buildings and retail spaces as well as restaurants. Be sure to confirm that they’ve worked on restaurant remodels specifically beforehand.

  1. Make Sure They’re Experienced

While it’s nice to have good faith in people, you don’t want your restaurant remodel to be the first project a company has ever done. On the contrary, you’ll want the restaurant remodel contractors you choose to have a long list of projects they’ve completed in the past. Experience is what can give you the confidence to choose a contractor and know that they’ll complete your project the way you want and in the time frame in which you need it completed.

One way to make sure that a company is experienced is to ask how long they’ve been in business. Robert Hakes Construction, for example, has been in the construction business for over 27 years. A business with so many years of experience is sure to be able to provide you with a portfolio of other work to look over. This previous work should include projects similar to what you’re looking for and allow you the opportunity to see the work in-person.

  1. Interview Contractors & Get Quotes

It should go without saying that you shouldn’t just choose the first contractor you speak with. Finding the best contractor should involve speaking with and comparing at least a few different local restaurant remodel contractors before you decide which you’ll use. These meetings are known as interviews and will allow the contractor to explain what they can do for you and how much it will cost.

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When comparing quotes, you’ll be able to get an idea of what the median price is for the work you want done. While finding the best price should be your goal, finding the cheapest price shouldn’t be. Quotes will vary from business to business for a reason, and the cheapest quote doesn’t always mean you’re getting the best deal. Businesses that have higher prices may have more experience in their field and more previous work to back up that experience. Take things like experience, expertise, and previous customer satisfaction into consideration when examining a company’s quotes.

  1. Compile a List of Questions

When you’re in a meeting with a contractor, it can be difficult to remember all of the questions you want to ask. Some things will be covered naturally in conversation, but you don’t want to finalize anything until you know for sure that you’ve covered every important topic. Because you probably aren’t a restaurant remodel expert, it’s a good idea to do some research beforehand so that you’re asking the right questions.

Questions about cost, time frame for completion, subcontractors, and the design itself are just a few you’ll want to bring up to potential contractors. As a restaurant business, the amount of time that you’re under construction will determine how much income you’re losing. Make sure that you ask what the projected time for the project will be.

You’ll also want to know what the margins will be when it comes to equipment and building material. This is where a little bit of research can be helpful. If you have a good idea of how much the needed building supplies will cost, then you can more easily understand how much more you’re being charged.

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