4 Signs that Your Loved One May Need Extra Assistance

4 Signs that Your Loved One May Need Extra Assistance

There may come a time when your loved one needs extra assistance so that they can be properly cared for and looked after. While your loved one may fight you and put up some resistance out of fear of losing their independence, if they are exhibiting signs that show that they are unable to care for themselves, then it is in everyone’s best interests to find a solution so that they are kept safe and healthy. Typically, there are common signs that will show whether your loved one needs additional help. The following guide highlights some tell-tale signs to look out for when a loved one needs extra assistance.

1. Dirty Clothing

Dirty clothing is a sign that your loved one is unable to care for their belongings. They may not be able to pick up their clothing from the floor, put them in the wash, or hang them. They may also be more prone to accidents that stain or dirty their clothes and are unable to wash them clean again. It is a good idea to keep an eye on the clothes that they wear and whether they are clean, ironed, and dressed to their usual standard.

2. Poor Hygiene

Much like their clothes, you will want to keep an eye on the person’s personal hygiene. If they are unable to wash or bathe themselves, or wash their clothing, then you may notice a decline in their hygiene. You could notice a smell around the house or that their hair is unkempt and matted. When you see signs of your loved one unable to care for their personal hygiene, it may be time to talk to them about assisted living so that they get additional help. Head to npseniorliving.com for more information on what assisted living is and how you can start the conversation with them.

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3. Unable to Walk or Move Properly

Being unable to walk or move properly is a huge cause for concern as this can lead to them being unable to care for themselves but also lead to injuries if they try to move and fall. While you may be able to help your loved one stay mobile by investing in a wheelchair, if they are struggling to use the bathroom, for example, then you may need to make changes so that there is a seat in the shower or bath as well as grab rails.

4. Poor Memory

Poor memory can lead to accidents such as leaving the cooker on or forgetting whether they locked the front door. This can leave them vulnerable. What’s more, poor memory can be an early sign of Alzheimer’s. There are many ways you can check what is normal and whether their forgetfulness needs addressing.

While no one wishes to think about their loved one’s needing help, there comes a time when it is best for everyone involved and may be able to keep them safe and secure. Remember that your loved one may be against additional help at first, but if it is necessary, then you should start the conversation as soon as possible.

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