Why Artificial Turf is the Solution for Pet Owners

Why Artificial Turf is the Solution for Pet Owners

Pets can make a mess out of your lawn. Even if they’re not prone to running around in circles or digging up your turf, they can still make a mess on the lawn when doing their business, especially since natural lawns will need some time to drain liquids. For this reason, more and more pet owners are considering switching to artificial turf instead since it is durable and requires low levels of maintenance. Not only will it save you time and money when it comes to maintenance, but you don’t have to worry about mowing, fertilizing, or weeding your lawn. And the best part? Most artificial turf are for pets are completely safe and are the best solution for pet-owners. 

Pet-Safe Option

Many people who are looking for a solution from a company like US Turf San Diego are concerned about the health and safety of their furry friends. After all, if your pet plays outdoors a lot of the time, you will want to ensure that your garden isn’t making them sick. The good news is that since 2008, all major manufacturers of artificial turf have agreed to limit the amount of lead used in their products and ensure that it is safe for both humans and animals. 

Reduce the Risk of Poisoning

Taking care of a natural lawn will often require using a lot of chemical products such as fertilizers, herbicides, and pesticides to keep your lawn in the best condition. As a result, your natural lawn could end up becoming dangerous to your pet, especially if they like chewing on grass. Another concern around the natural lawn and your pet’s health is that there can often be a build-up of bacteria in the areas where your pets relieve themselves, which can be dangerous to your pet over time. 

Easy Maintenance

Pet waste on a natural lawn doesn’t just lead to dangerous bacteria, but it can also be a pain to clean up. The good news is that artificial turf is much easier to maintain. For starters, it won’t grow, so there’s no need to root around in your garden to figure out where your dog has done his business in the winter if you haven’t mowed the lawn for a while. When it comes to cleaning up pet waste, you can simply remove the waste with a poop bag and clean the area using water. Artificial turf does not absorb waste products like natural turf, meaning that there will not be any lingering unpleasant smells. 

Looks Great

Finally, if you want a nice-looking garden but your pet is always making a mess out of your lawn, artificial turf is a great alternative. A high-quality option will look just like real turf, without the mess and maintenance. To keep your turf clean, all you’ll need to do is spray water on it and it will remain green and healthy-looking all year around. 

If you’re looking for an easy-maintenance, pet-safe alternative to natural turf for your garden, artificial turf is a great option. It is completely safe for pets and much easier to keep clean and in good condition, making your life a lot easier.

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