Skincare steps you didn’t know you needed

Skincare steps you didn’t know you needed

In a world where self-care is becoming increasingly important, there is much to say about skincare. While most of us are minimalists and tend to stick to the traditional cleanse-tone-moisturize mantra, a skincare routine is a perfect opportunity to take some time for yourself, take care of your skin, and can even be a real stress-reliever for some. While there is nothing wrong with a simple routine, here are some little extra skincare steps you didn’t know you needed into the mix when you have more time or you’re feeling particularly fancy.

Invest in a face roller or gua sha tool

Face massage has a lot of benefits, it can not only help your skin absorb products you’ve applied, but it’s also a great way to relieve tension held in the face, prevent wrinkles, reduce puffiness and give an overall “lifted” appearance. Avoid massaging on dry skin as this can create irritation, instead use a light face oil or moisturiser.

You can absolutely use your hands to perform a face massage, but there is something utterly satisfying about having a specific tool for it. As well as making great pictures for Instagram, face rollers and gua sha tools are perfect as they are easy to use and generally inexpensive to own. You can find many tutorials online, but the general rule of thumb is to use them in upwards motion on the face, from the inside to the outside.

Use an essence

There is no denying that recent beauty trends have been heavily inspired by K-beauty. In Korea skincare is held in high regards, which has driven brands to create products that are highly efficient and innovative.

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While you may not want to delve into a 10-step skincare routine, essences would make a great addition to your daily regimen. A typical Korean product, an essence is best described as a product halfway between a toner and a serum, which usually contains highly hydrating ingredients for the skin. This makes essences a great choice for all skin types, particularly during colder days where skin tends to be more dehydrated.

You can find great essences in shops that specialise in K-beauty, such as Skinsider.

Exfoliate your skin

Exfoliation is starting to make its way into our skincare routines, but you’d be surprised to see how many people do not exfoliate on a regular basis. This is an essential step to get rid of dead skin and reveal softer, brighter skin for a healthy complexion – be careful not to overdo it though, or your skin could get irritated.

There are two main forms of exfoliators: physical and chemical. Physical exfoliators used to get a bad rep but nowadays you can find many products with fine particles that gently work on the skin to buff away those dead skin cells.

Chemical exfoliators, also called acid toners, can seem pretty scary, but these are simply used as traditional toners, with a formulation that will help brighten your complexion. There are many different types of acids out there so you can choose the one that will be suited to your skin type or concerns.

A skincare routine can be as simple or as complex as you like – find what you enjoy and make sure to take some time to yourself and you’ll be surprised to see how much you can benefit from it! If you’ve enjoyed this post, don’t hesitate to read our other posts on skincare and skin health.

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