Home Care Bathroom Products Allowing the Mobility-Challenged To Remain at Home

Home Care Bathroom Products Allowing the Mobility-Challenged To Remain at Home

There are a growing number of people with mental and physical challenges who do not want to live anywhere but their own home. Of course, safety is always a concern, and living in a group home with 24-hour assistance may be a safer alternative. However, with at home care Massachusetts and home care products and services, many people are happily and safely remaining in their homes.

Tub and Shower

Bathrooms are notorious for causing accidents. They are prone to slippery floors and hard surfaces, making them difficult for anyone to maneuver. However, these problems may be solved short of a full bathroom renovation.

Put in strategically placed grab bars and non-slip mats to enable safe navigation. There are shower seats and hand-held showerheads to make it easier to bathe the entire body. The walk-in bathtub is an innovative product ideal for anyone with limited mobility.

Another option may be to do a partial renovation and upgrade the shower so that a wheelchair can access it. Without a curb, a wheelchair can be rolled into it or a person who has trouble walking can more easily access it. You need to make sure that whoever remodels the space makes it wide enough for a wheelchair. You may also want a seat permanently built into it if you are going to that much work. That may be easier than getting a portable shower chair.


Sitting down and getting up from the toilet can be difficult for many, and unfortunately, this activity must occur several times over a 24-hour period. Fortunately, products such as safety frames and toilet risers make it easier, safer and more comfortable to undergo the regular activity of sitting and rising from the toilet or transferring to a wheelchair.

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A 3-in-1 commode is a toilet that is not hooked up to a septic tank or sewer. It is a portable product that can be used bedside or anywhere as a stand-alone toilet. Otherwise, remove the bucket underneath the seat and place the commode on a fixed toilet seat, and the height can be adjusted to act as a toilet seat riser. When used this way, the armrests and riser perform the duties of the toilet safety frame mentioned above.

These products exist for comfort and safety in the bathroom. There are similar products for every room in the house that offer the same benefits for those with disabilities who wish to remain independent in their own homes.

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