Why Take The Road to Recovery

Why Take The Road to Recovery

Drug addiction is a very devastating condition not only to an individual but to his family and friends. It affects every aspect of a person’s life, such as work, hobbies, and friendship. It is a process that is very difficult to notice until you are deep. Most of the time, people try to escape depressing or devastating situations using drugs and alcohol. Whenever you find yourself in a deep addiction position, the essential part is taking the first step to recovery.

Enrolling in a reputable and companionate detox center is a positive step and a way to be sure of recovery. It shows that you care for yourself, family and friends as they must have pointed out some change in behavior from you that affect them. Enrolling is a huge step, and you need all the support you can get. The programs are specifically designed to cater to your needs. It would be best if you felt safe at such an institution, and the program shouldn’t involve distressing or painful processes. Some of the signs that indicate that you need to seek medical help are;

  • Most of your friends and family point out some drinking problem
  • Excessive and unnecessary expenditures on alcohol and other abusive drugs
  • Carrying the drug or a bottle of liquor anywhere you go, including workplaces
  • You become distant or isolated from family and friends
  • You develop anxiety and depression symptoms
  • The thought of alcohol never leaves your mind
  • Aggressive and quickly angered as well as being very defensive

You can only know you are addicted when you cannot live without a substance you constantly take. This condition is called dependency. The influx of chemical substances from the drug causes the brain to lose its ability to process new information, thus loss of memory, inability to learn reward. If you stop using the said drugs immediately, you are most likely to suffer withdrawal syndromes which can be very painful sometimes. However, some prescriptions such as Lexapro can be used for severe conditions. The World Health Organization has strengthened the fight against mental health and drug and substance abuse by launching the Rehabilitation 2030 program. This program advocates putting up and strengthening rehabilitation centers to take care of those appropriately affected. some of the ways to enhance a rehabilitation center include;

  • The facility needs to be easily accessible to the patient
  • Every treatment program should be tailored to the needs of individual patients.
  • The recovery and treatment t program should be adjusted to accommodate the changing conditions of each patient
  • The patients who have other health conditions such as infectious diseases, heart problems, or any other pre-existing condition should receive an all-round treatment
  • There should be close monitoring and supervision of patients to assess their response to treatment

The stages of a recovery program are:


Once a therapist has been attached to you, they design a program according to your condition while the nurse or staff member assesses the drug’s severity on your body. The doctor will then examine you to determine the damage.


The detox program aims to reverse the damage done to the brain by changing its effects. Drugs such as Lexapro are usually prescribed to counter the effects of withdrawal syndromes. Even though they have the safe effects as the abused drug, they have no side effects. The patient at this stage is entirely isolated and focuses on treatment.


The mind needs to be occupied with other things to not go back to drugs; thus, therapy plays a vital role at this stage. The patient is taken through individual and group therapy sessions to talk about their struggles and ambitions once they get out of the facility.

The facilities also offer inpatients and outpatient services. You can find one that is suitable for you or your loved one.

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