5 Benefits of Using Commercial Synthetic Turf on School Playing Fields

5 Benefits of Using Commercial Synthetic Turf on School Playing Fields

Commercial synthetic turf is a very adaptable and versatile landscaping material. It’s used in a wide variety of places, including airports, apartment complexes, shopping centers, and other commercial buildings. It’s also commonly used at schools, as its benefits make it the perfect material for playing fields. More and more schools, as well as professional sports fields and stadiums, are turning to turf over natural grass. Read on to find out more about the benefits of commercial synthetic turf.

  1. Synthetic Turf Is Sturdy

Commercial synthetic turf is tough enough to withstand the wear and tear caused by sports activities. A school field is going to endure a lot of action, as kids and teens are known for how hard they play. But even with all of that, a commercial synthetic turf playing field can often last in good condition for 10 years.

Over time, natural grass can become uneven, due to some areas getting more wear than others. That will require more replanting and upkeep so the field can look acceptable again. With synthetic turf, however, you won’t have to worry about that.

At many schools, one field will have to be shared by a number of different sports. Not to mention separate teams for certain types of sports. And school sports events are often scheduled back-to-back. Natural grass needs recovery time, but synthetic turf doesn’t. This means multiple teams, sports, and classes will be able to use the field subsequently with no problems. Synthetic turf is durable enough to handle it. And it’s versatile enough to be used by different types of teams and sports as well.

If you play on natural grass during a rainstorm, it will turn into a field of mud, leave you with unsightly patches, and require maintenance and replanting. But unlike natural grass, synthetic turf can withstand different seasons and weather conditions. This gives sports teams extra practice time and is especially beneficial for schools in rainy areas. Some even choose to install heaters under the turf so that fields can be easily used in the winter months.

  1. Commercial Synthetic Turf Is Easy to Care For

This type of school playing field is incredibly low maintenance and convenient. Commercial synthetic turf is ready to play on as soon as it’s installed. With natural grass, you’d have to wait for it to grow.

Synthetic turf looks great all year long. There’s no need for treating or mowing. And instead of constant watering, commercial synthetic turf only needs an occasional rinse. This also makes it great if the school is in a drought-prone area.

Commercial synthetic turf is an excellent option for school playing fields because it can easily be cut into different shapes and sizes for various spaces. With natural grass, this can be a hassle.

  1. Synthetic Turf Is Cost-Effective

Commercial synthetic turf will benefit you financially. More often than not, schools don’t have a large budget for their sports fields. When a school has a natural grass field, they have to pay for seeding, replanting, drainage, and more.

Sometimes, commercial synthetic turf has a higher up-front cost, leading schools to write it off. But it’s a much smarter investment. Using synthetic turf means lower annual utility and maintenance costs, which can really add up over time. And it lasts for quite a long time, with its durability ensuring it also stays in good condition. In just a couple of years, it will pay for itself.

With the amount of money this choice saves in the long run, schools could even redirect the funds they save to pay for maintenance toward something else. Plus, the turf will often come with a warranty from the manufacturer when it’s installed.

  1. Commercial Synthetic Fields Are Cleaner

When a school playing field is made of synthetic turf, students won’t have to worry about grass or mud stains. Those stains from natural grass can be incredibly difficult to wash out. They can even ruin team uniforms. But commercial synthetic turf eliminates that annoyance. Students can even play in rainy weather without worrying about mud stains.

  1. Commercial Synthetic Fields Are Safe

It’s incredibly important for school playing fields to be a healthy and safe environment. And commercial synthetic turf is absolutely the safer choice. No one will have to worry about ingesting harsh chemicals, such as fertilizer or pesticides.

Also, because it requires less water and no pesticides or fertilizer, synthetic turf can be a better and healthier choice for the environment. Harmful chemicals that enter the water supply are a major cause of water pollution. Water conservation is also a major issue. According to the EPA, Oregon has seen water levels drop. The EPA has much more information on the importance of saving water in Oregon. So using less helps the earth, in addition to lowering the water bills. Commercial synthetic turf can also reduce your carbon footprint. Not needing to mow turf isn’t just convenient but also significantly reduces carbon dioxide emissions.

When a playing field is made of natural grass, it usually requires some slope. This is to ensure proper water drainage. But with commercial synthetic turf, water drainage isn’t an issue because it’s built-in below the surface. The field can be made flat, which is better and safer for many sports and activities. Natural grass can become patchy and uneven. Players can further affect it by kicking or scrapping up grass throughout the game. All of that adds to the risk of players slipping, tripping, and potentially injuring themselves. Switching to synthetic turf can end up lowering injury rates. 5 Benefits of Using Commercial Synthetic Turf on School Playing Fields.

Think It Might Work for Your School?

Now that you know its benefits, want the best quality commercial synthetic turf for your school playing field? Look no further than Sportech. We have years of experience and expertise working with school districts. In addition to installation, we also do excavation, construction, and grading. You can find more information about Sportech on our website. And if you’re interested, contact us to get your free estimate.

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