Outpatient Rehab Resources

Outpatient Rehab Resources

If you are someone you know is in need of a drug or alcohol treatment program, they may want to consider an outpatient rehabilitation (rehab) program. An outpatient program can happen through a hospital, a mental health clinic, a counselor’s office, or even the health department in your local area. These programs can be intense and meet every day for five days of the week. They may be several hours spread over a couple of days. You can expect this type of therapy to last for about three months and consist of one to two sessions per week. There are many reasons why you or your loved one should consider outpatient therapy sessions.

Better Schedule Options

A huge benefit to outpatient rehab is that you are able to fit it into your schedule. You have control over when you go, where you go, and how often you go. You do not have that benefit with inpatient rehab, where you remain 24 hours a day for many days. This helps you to get rehab that is specific to your needs. You are able to continue to function in your everyday life with work, school, and your family while going through rehab. You may not even have to let your employer know if it does not impact your work schedule.

More Privacy

When you have control over your rehab schedule, you are able to work around your commitments. This means you do not have to break commitments or inform people that you are in a rehab program. You can meet in a one-on-one setting. You will still work with trained psychiatrists, licensed social workers, therapists, counselors, and psychologists, but they are all individual meetings. You are able to keep your recovery process quiet.

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An outpatient program is more affordable than an inpatient program. Inpatient rehab is incredibly expensive. The longer you must stay in inpatient care, the more expensive it is. Typically, once your complete inpatient services, you must most to outpatient services. This allows you to determine which services you can afford and when. When you are outpatient, you can plan which appointments you make based on what you can afford. When you choose inpatient, you pay the one fee the program charges.

Meets Your Specific Needs

With your care provider, you are able to create a program that meets your specific needs. You may not have that flexibility when participating in an inpatient service. When you are inpatient, you will have a good amount of group therapy where you can learn from others but are also subject to what the participants want to discuss or their needs. When you are participating in outpatient care, you can choose the type of services based on your specific needs.

Build On What You Learned

Once you complete inpatient rehab, you will need to continue to learn and grow. You will learn skills in rehab that you must continue to master. This may be hard once you are back in the world again. Outpatient rehab can help you put those lessons you learned into practice. You can continue counseling to help you through moments where you may want to use drugs again. It is a constant process of growth and outpatient rehab like The Palm Beach Institute can help.

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